Fall In Love With Your Career All Over Again!

Let’s be honest, as a heart-centered business leader, you naturally bring your heart to your work.

So when your heart isn’t into your work, you feel disconnected.

Love is a mindset and behavior you can always choose regardless of the people, politics and policies.

Love your team. You’re the manager who cares about the people who help you achieve the results. You’re motivated by helping people succeed – it’s in your DNA – it gives your work meaning, joy and purpose.

Love your key responsibilities. If you’re not having fun performing your key responsibilities, you’re probably not making the impact that you know you’re capable of. It’s time to let them go. Yep! Delegate those “pain in your side” responsibilities. They’re hiding your brilliance and dragging you down.

Love your current challenges.
You’re growing, learning and developing new skills.  Yeah!! Definitely more fun than being bored at work. You’re moving your career forward and preparing for the next level.

Love yourself. Only you can be you. Your quirks, favorite phrases and distinct personality makes you stand out and be remembered by others.

Love your life. Fall head over heels in love with your life.  Research shows that people who are most satisfied in their lives are most satisfied in their careers.

Your circumstances may not change but your perspective will.



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