Own Your Power and Work From Your Soul

I know you want to own your power in your career and work from your soul.

And it’s easy to get bogged down in the details of your day and not have enough perspective to focus on the ‘big picture’.

So instead of moving forward you feel like you’re moving in circles:

  • You’re getting interviews but not the job – and don’t know what to do differently.
  • You’re working harder and longer – yet still not being included in key projects and meetings.
  • You have the job, salary and title – but you’re longing for a career that feeds your soul.
  • You start moving towards your soul’s desire – and then lose the drive, energy and enthusiasm to continue.

What’s heartbreaking is that you’re disconnected from the unique value you bring to every team, project and organization.

Here’s the good news: I can help you.

Here’s even better news: I have 4 available 1:1 coaching spots beginning in August.

People have been telling me that they want to hire me and their current budgets cannot support my high end coaching programs. I listened.

I’ve developed two new lower priced coaching programs for the summer. You can get started right away.

I now have:

——- a 3 month program that includes six phone coaching sessions.

——- a 6 month program that includes twelve phone coaching sessions.

For more details:

  1. Send me an email at althea@thebestcareerforme.com.
  2. Include your name, email and two preferred dates/times you can speak with me.
  3. I’ll select a time based on your availability.
  4. I’ll confirm our appointment via email.
  5. At your confirmed scheduled appointment, call me at 847-425-9730.

This is a no fee and no obligation 30-minute conversation. This is an opportunity to get your questions answered before making a decision.

Imagine what working with a coach (someone who’s in your corner) could do for YOUR career? What would be possible with a personalized career success plan – that honored your heart and soul?  What levels of success would you attract? How would YOU feel and what would your career look like then?



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