Enjoy Your Roses and Get More Done

As an experienced heart-centered leader you’re at a different stage in your career and in your life.  You’re committed to having a career that’s best suited for you, your values and your lifestyle.

You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done – in fact when you’re using your strengths, it’s fun! –  but not at the expense of not enjoying life.  Here’s how you can do both.

Ground and center yourself
whether that’s in prayer, meditation or during your early morning run.  Clearing your mind and connecting with your spirit helps prepare you to face the challenges of everyday life.

Bundle your activities.
Set specific times to check your email, review your team’s work, develop strategic initiatives and check in with your boss.  Not only will you be better at managing your time, you’ll be more effective in managing your energy.

Spend more time out of your office.
Truth is you don’t arrive at your most brilliant ideas or make your most important connections in your office.  Time out of your office helps you come up with new and fresh ideas to your most pressing work issues.

Allow yourself to have 1st drafts. Easier said then done if you have a standard of excellence, like myself.  Follow Apple’s lead.  They released the first IPad expecting to release an  enhanced version weeks later.

Schedule regular 2, 3 or 10+ day retreats that are solely dedicated to renewing and nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

Focus on your top 3 goals. What three tasks will best help you to move your career forward right now?  Each day focus on completing three tasks directly related to your top 3 goals and have you stepping into your personal vision of success.

Schedule playtime into your everyday. Whether that’s playing with your children, wrestling with your spouse, cracking up with a close friend or dancing as if no one’s watching.  Playful people tend to be more resilient.  Why? They have a reserve of good energy to carry them through hard time.

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