7 Ways A Vision Can Boost Your Career

You’re managing multiple projects, facing expanding workloads, tight deadlines and increased uncertainty. You’re trying to get more things done with less time.

It’s easy to get caught up in “doing” mode and busy-ness. As a result-driven hard worker it’s natural for you to put your nose to the grind and work harder and harder to achieve and maintain success – even if you’re completely drained, exhausted and its at the expense of what and who you love and value most.

Stephen Covey puts it this way highly effective people begin with the end in mind and look at their daily behaviors and habits in the context of what really matters most to them – so that each day contributes in a meaningful way to the vision of their life as a whole.

Creating a vision is beginning with the end in mind.

A vision can boost your career by shifting your perspective on how you manage your mindset, your energy, your time, your team and your workload so that you are more effective in how you are being in all that you are doing.

Here are 7 ways a vision can boost your career.

1. You’ll stop wasting time jumping back and forth between your different career goals. This scattered focus only leads to scattered results. A vision narrows done the key 3 goals that when achieved will have the greatest impact on your overall success and well-being.

2. You’ll stop wasting your energy comparing yourself to your colleagues. Instead of gauging your success based on how fast you can “out win” your colleagues, your focus and energy will be on YOU and how you’re playing your game.

3. You’ll stop chasing every job that remotely interests you and actively pursue the jobs that you really really want. A vision unearths what’s really stopping you from new and greater levels of success. It expands your options and gives you back your power to choose.

4. You’ll be more effective at work. Even though you’re busy and efficient doesn’t mean that you are effective. Effectiveness isn’t reacting to every crisis, interruption and burning issue. It’s focusing on the results to high priorities and important matters. A vision identifies your highest priorities and stops you from constantly being in reactive mode.

5. You’ll hone in on the projects that you want to be seen in the spotlight. Instead of automatically taking the lead on every project presented to you a vision helps you pause and clarify the type of projects, the set of skills and the area of expertise you want recognition. A vision is your unique compass grounded in the present and focused on the future that continually guides, directs and informs you.

6. You’ll intentionally invest in your long-term success. A vision shifts how you see and invest in yourself. A vision helps you make conscious investment decisions. You’ll know whether or not to pursue the advanced degree, obtain the professional certification, attend the seminar or hire the career success coach.

7. You’ll build stronger relationships with people who can support you and your success. There’s someone with more experience than you, someone who has faced and overcome the challenges you’re facing and someone who you can make a positive impact on right now. It’s hard to see that when you’re just focused on getting through the day. A vision has you look up from computer, get out of your office and take the initiative to build, maintain and nurture your relationships.

If you would like to use this blog please feel free to do so as long as you include my credit information: Written by Althea McIntyre,The Best Career For Me, http://www.thebestcareerforme.com. © Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. I would also appreciate you sending me a copy for my media files.



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