Fall Reflections

There’s something about this time of year that has me go within myself – deep within my heart and soul.

Yet, each year, I’m somewhat surprised with the experience.

It’s as if my heart, soul and body aligns with nature’s changes and begins the process along with it.

As the slight, but apparent, changes in the weather begin – so do I.

It’s quite different than ‘my end of the year’ reflecting or even my ‘yearly birthday reflecting’. My fall reflections are deeper and more inward.

I don’t plan for it.  At least not intentionally, and yet, as I write this I’m remembering that each year (at least the past 11 years for sure) there’s been a BIG internal (and sometimes also external) shift in me.

So why then am I still a bit “thrown off” by the experience?  Hmmm…..

But today…I’m feeling more excited about it.  Not the “jump-up-and-down” excited, more of a silent, calm, soul-awakening, inside smiling excitement.

More so because it’s time. And I’m ready.

When I just took a look at my Happy New Year! Happy New Vision! blog post.  I smiled a big smile.

I shared that I wanted my 2011 to be infused with  ease, joy and support – really overflowing with ease, joy and support.

I’ve had a TON more support and experienced a lot MORE joy this year.

I remember being a bit terrified writing that post – it was my first and it was personal.

Now, I’m writing this one with joy, freedom, ease, excitement and Erykah Badu (she’s singing in the background).

But I digress.

As I welcome in fall, I’m also welcoming in even more support and joy.

In terms of the ease, well…hmmm. I’m “working” on that.

Perhaps that’s the problem!  Remix.

I’m also welcoming in and allowing for more ease.  Yeah, that’s it!

I’m allowing for more ease to overflow in all areas of my life.

Happy Fall!

To your brilliance and success!



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