Don’t Throw In The Towel, Just Yet

You are blazing a new path in your career and your leadership and how you define, create, experience and attract success.  This is no small feat.  It’s requiring more of your heart and soul.  It’s asking you to be more patient, more trusting and more committed on a deeper level. Which can feel slightly uncomfortable, very emotional and extremely vulnerable.

You’re no longer just relying on your mind and drive to succeed and advance. Your new definition of success is about integrating your passions, strengths and gifts – and being of service to others.

The “work harder drive harder at all expense” mindset and model that brought you past success no longer serves and supports you.

Yet the results you want – the promotion, the new job, the new client,the new team member, the decreased work load, the implementation of your ideas, the connected meaningful relationships – are not happening fast enough….so that small voice inside telling you to just throw in the towel is getting louder and louder.

You’re almost convinced that quitting is the safest thing for you to do. There’s hard evidence (your past setbacks, disappointments and failures) reminding you that things aren’t working out as you planned anddon’t forget you have real adult pressures – mortgages, children, aging parents.

Right now throwing in the towel may feel like the right thing to do. It would quiet your mind chatter (at least temporarily)….yet your heart, spirit and soul is telling you something completely different.

Don’t throw in the towel, just yet. Instead try these 5 power and soul at work strategies.

1. Move your body. Walk outside, go for a run, do yoga stretches, play Wii, go dancing. Thinking, planning and strategizing requires a tremendous amount of energy and can be extremely exhausting. YOUR mental energy is deeply connected and tied to to your physical energy. Right now you’re mentally not in the game. Physically moving your body will increase your energy, clear your mind, increase your creative thinking and release built up stress and anxiety.

2. Act as if you’ve already received the new job offer, the promotion, the new client, the extended deadline, the additional team member…I know you haven’t and while you’re waiting…act as if you have. You’re pre-paving your success by focusing your energy, effort and impact on how you are being and showing up – things that you can control.

3. Change your scenery and your mind will follow. Get up from behind your desk and in front of your computer. It’s time to look at things from a different perspective. Changing your environment will help you. Choose a location that speaks to your heart and soul. Perhaps a spacious conference room with large windows facing nature. Maybe it’s your favorite restaurant where you always leave filled with tons of creative ideas. Or your favorite park bench next to a body water that soothes you at a deep level. Allow this new environment to inform new ideas, possibilities and choices. Be open to them as they emerge.

4.  Read your vision story. When the results you want are not progressing at the speed and pace that you have grown accustomed to, rather that drive harder and faster it’s time for you to slow down.  Your vision story will remind you of the joy, love, flow, ease and heart connection you want to feel as you are achieving your goals. Your vision is a compass to your heart, soul, gifts and purpose.  Reading it will shift your focus from limited fear based beliefs to expansive, abundant possibilities…the mindset that always helps you be your most creative, resourceful, innovative, intentional and loving self.

5.  Talk it out and get a larger perspective of how your current experiences are shaping, molding and developing you.  You’re feeling a bit disjointed, defeated and discouraged. You’re growing, expanding and evolving and new fears and doubts that you hadn’t expected have crept in.  Talk to your support network. Gain an accurate picture of how it feels to step more fully into your personal vision, to take bigger leaps of faith and express your power and purpose more freely.  This is a whole new way of being for you.



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