Stop Being SO Hard On Yourself

As a heart-centered leader you genuinely care about people and love that your work allows you to have a positive impact on others.

That’s why it’s important that you manage your energy and take good care of yourself. It’s one of your secrets to success and a key aspect of your work.

So when you’re spinning your wheels, working hard but not really getting anything done and leaving work exhausted, drained and run down, it’s time for you to replenish and refuel your tank.

You’re running on empty and heading towards burn out.

These quick energy boosters will shift your energy and help you get through the day.

1. Take a walk outside. Instead of telling yourself to work harder, longer and faster go for a walk. You’ll clear your mind and new thoughts and decisions will emerge. Your creative energy will be resurged.

2. Drink a glass of water. Chances are you are probably dehydrated. Water helps to elevate the mood by replenishing and detoxifying the body.

3. Write 10 things that you are grateful for. A gratitude practice is essential for experiencing joy, satisfaction and contentment. By focusing on what is working and flowing in your career and life helps you attract more of the same.

4. Read something that inspires you. Reconnecting with your heart and soul helps influence your decisions and actions. It gives you valuable information that your mind simply can not.

5. Take 5 deep conscious breaths. You’ll immediately feel more relaxed and centered. Deep breathing grounds you and allows you be present and available to others.

6. Spend 5 minutes daydreaming. Allow your mind to wander freely. This simple activity enhances your creativity and helps you explore different perspectives and possibilities.

7. Laugh out loud. You’ll feel lighter, looser and more energized, exactly how you like to feel when your facing new challenges and making tough decisions.



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