The Five C’s of Career Success

Courage: Your most satisfying and successful career is going to look and be different than others.  That’s ok.  Your belief in your vision of success gives you the courage to follow your heart and supports you on your unique career path.

Curiosity: What levels of success would you achieve if you leveraged your natural skills and innate strengths?  What degree of satisfaction would you experience?  Being curious opens you up to a different set of perspectives, possibilities and choices.

Commitment: You’re committed to do things differently. You might acknowledge your contributions to the project, share your ideas with others, receive help to achieve your goals or focus on maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  These actions help to build your confidence as you develop the skills of staying true to yourself and following your definition of a successful and satisfying career.

Confidence: What are you known for?  Is it your unique approach to managing a diverse team, your ability to communicate complex information in simple language, or your ability to build strong professional relationships? Your confidence in your skills and awareness of your impact on others allows you to attract more opportunities than you chase.

Compassion: Being honest, loving and caring to yourself in the midst of a career transition demonstrates your healthy self-esteem.  It’s more productive than beating yourself up and helps you take new risks, make changes and move forward towards the career success you’ve been dreaming of.




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