Five Creative Planning Tips

2012 is right around the corner.  It’s practically knocking at the door.

Are you thinking about what you want to attract, create and experience in the coming year?

I am.

Here are five of my favorite planning tips.  They are smart, creative and purposeful.

1. Envision it.

What work responsibilities do you find interesting and stimulating? Which projects excite you? What do YOU want more of in your career? Your quick thinking and strong problem-solving skills are valuable.  However, at this stage you need to reflect and connect with your heart and engage your imagination.

2.  Get the support.

Doing it alone is the hard way.  You need support to thrive in your career. Build relationships with other supportive and encouraging executives and entrepreneurs who will celebrate your successes, tell you the truth, and help you when you are stuck.

3.  Focus on what you want.

You’ve experienced significant achievements throughout your career. Which of your strengths do you want to strengthen and leverage? Focus more on what you want versus what you are capable of doing. What’s the legacy YOU want to have on your team, with your clients, and in your community.

4.  Do things that both energize AND challenge you.

Your next career breakthrough will not happen by you doing more of the same old same old.   Challenging? Unnerving? Uncomfortable? Exciting? That’s exactly how you should feel. That’s part of the process.

5.  Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!

Celebrate your short and long-term wins, no matter how small you think they are!  Lasting success is in the journey.



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