3 Guiding Principles Of A Dream Warrior

Is your heart and soul pouring through your work and life? Are you working from your power, brilliance and passion?

If not, you’re not on top of your game. This is what YOU need to thrive at work.

Come on. You were born to soar in your career.

You’re a BIG dreamer – a visionary. You lead by your values. You have an abundance of gifts to share and a big heart to do just that.

Playing small, scraping by, is oh so NOT your style.

Assess yourself against these three guiding principles. Where are you a tad off? What needs realignment? Choose one and then take your career and life to the next level.

Three Guiding Principles of a Dream Warrior

1.  You are driven by purpose and passion – versus greed and ego.  You have a message and mission to express to the world.  You’re designed to make a purposeful impact on others.  Your platform may be your home, your team, your business or where you volunteer.  You NEED to believe in your work and feel excited about it in order to thrive.

2.  You are a creative leader – regardless of the title or position you hold.  You approach challenges and opportunities differently.  You see things that others do not see.  You NEED to feed your creativity in order to continue to grow, prosper and succeed.

3.  You are committed to living your dream – no matter what. Throwing in the towel on your dreams doesn’t work for you.  You know there will be challenges, struggles and moments of defeat along the way – they are a part of the learning and development process.  You NEED to honor your dreams.  No one but you can do that best.



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