Before You Write Your Resume Part 1

Whenever it’s time to sit down and write your resume, it can feel like a huge burden – especially if you haven’t written one in 5, 10 or 15+ years.

The thought alone can lead to an anxiety attack or a mountain of stress.

You know the worst time to begin writing your resume is when you ABSOLUTELY have too – because now you’re writing your resume in panic and rush mode.

Under those conditions, it’s easy to just want to get it over and done with.

Yes, you’ll get it done, but most likely your heart, soul and creativity will not be in it.

In your hustle and bustle, you’ll probably leave out critical achievements and skills. You’ll overlook your brilliance and increase the chances of it landing in the delete folder of its recipient.

Before hunkering down to get your resume (CV, pitch, proposal) completed, it’s best that you feed your creativity and spirit.

This will help your passion, purpose and gifts jump off of the page and attract the opportunities that you want.

In this 3 part series, I’ll share practical, creative and spiritual success strategies you need to do FIRST before writing your resume.

10 Things To Do Before Writing Your Resume
Part 1

1. List your past 5 projects and then document your individual contribution, no matter the size.

2. Read your LinkedIn endorsements. Remember why people love working with you and what they see as your top qualities.

3. Schedule a session with your coach. Ask for their feedback on your strengths and the unique value they see that you bring.

4. Do a creative project. Cook, paint, create a playlist or make a mood board – anything that feeds your creativity.

5. Laugh out loud to shift your energy. Watch your favorite YouTube videos or TV show.

6. Journal about your favorite client or project. Write what you did and why it’s your favorite.

7. Spend time in meditation or intentional silence. Listen to what your heart and soul wants to express on your resume (CV, pitch, proposal).

8. Write a list of all of your skills in one or two words. Don’t edit. Just write.

9. Review your personal assessments – such as your StrengthsFinder or Myers-Briggs. Remind yourself of all that you bring to a job.

10. Ask 5 people in your network to tell you what they see as the most valuable skill you bring. Make sure to weave these into your resume, online profiles and interviews.



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