Four Rituals to Help Shift and Renew Your Energy

So often we take for granted the amount of energy we expend throughout our day.

We forget that we’re not machines and that we need to refuel, replenish and recover in order to continue to deliver high-quality, high-impact, purpose-driven work.

We need guilt-free recovery time after a demanding period at work.

Our creativity cannot flourish when we are exhausted, run down and depleted.

And when our creativity hits a wall, our passion (the main fuel that helps us thrive in our careers) tends to diminish.

One of our biggest challenges is effectively managing our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and creative energies.

These energies impact our work.

When you feel joyful, connected, invigorated and appropriately challenged you show up at work and in your career differently.

You show up confident, fully engaged and prepared to face the challenges of the day.

When you feel defeated, hopeless, exhausted and burnt out, one small challenge or interruption can turn you into a tailspin.

Change is really difficult at this place. When you feel this way, it’s time to renew and refuel your energies before making real changes.

Try one of these positive rituals – activities that you love to do and require little to no effort.

Four Rituals to Help Shift and Renew Your Energy

1. Attend a spiritual retreat at your church, synagogue or other place of worship. Most spiritual retreats are designed for you to stop, slow down and reflect. The energy boost you receive from cultivating and reconnecting with the core of who you are will renew you in ways you can’t imagine. It will shift your emotional energy to a more relaxed, tranquil and peaceful place.

2. Marvel at the changes in nature – whether it’s noticing the beautiful designs of the naked tree branches, taking in the early evening sunsets, or admiring the creatively designed winter flowerpots. Allow yourself to take in Mother Nature’s current fashion show. Noticing beauty will shift your creative and mental energy and help you embrace the current changes you need to make in your career.<

3. Unplug and take a tech-a-tion. Disconnect from your email, 1,000 Facebook friends, 10,000 Twitter followers and 500+ LinkedIn connections. Instead, reconnect with yourself and/or your loved ones. Feed your heart and soul with meaningful, rich connections. Create new “remember when” memories that will have you laughing for years.

4. Schedule a weekly joy-overflowing activity. Do whatever gives you an instant inner glow. Perhaps the thing that you haven’t done in a long time. Attend the live concert. Visit the art museum. Have the full spa day. Try out the new dance class. Schedule it and make it a nonnegotiable appointment each week. Feed your creativity and watch as your career shifts and transforms.

At first glance, these rituals don’t seem like they would help you leverage your strengths and thrive in your career.

What these activities will do is help you trust your heart, own your power, unleash your creativity, reconnect with your purpose and become fully engaged – key ingredients to help you thrive at work and in your career.



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