10 Easy LinkedIn Power Strategies

You have unlimited choices in how you invest in your career’s growth and success.

You don’t have to suffer silently working yourself to the bone or mindlessly jumping from job to job without a clear plan or direction.

You’ve survived and suffered through enough layoffs, watched your peers surpass you long enough and have experienced life changing personal events that have impacted you.

What worked earlier in your career (or even 5 years ago) won’t work for you now.  There’s a new way to work.  It’s time to approach your career with purpose, heart, intention and soul.

Keeping your LinkedIn profile current and relevant is just one way to take your power back in your career’s success.  Whether or not you’re seeking new employment or growing your business.  It’s an ongoing activity to do throughout the life of your career.

Here are 10 things you can do to take your power back.

1.  Add your picture, one where you’re smiling and expressing your inner joy.  A picture says a 1,000 words, without one you’re missing a priceless opportunity to immediately connect with others.

2.  Update your current position.  Use relevant titles that people are seeking.  Make it easy for employers and joint venture partners to find you and fill a current or future position.

3.  Update your specialties. It’s a prime opportunity to highlight what you do best and spotlight your unique strengths and area of expertise.

4.  Request endorsements.  You’ve made huge achievements this past year. Ask colleagues and former employees to write the praises they’ve been saying to you in person and via email.

5.  Send a “touching base” email to your colleagues at different organizations.  It’s probably been a while since you’ve last been in touch.  Boldly and authentically share your progression and success.

6.  Meet in person with 3 of your connections.  Whether it’s over coffee, lunch, at a sports game or outdoor concert – make it fun.  This is how you take the “work” out of networking and shift into relationship building.

7.  Update your primary email to your permanent email address versus your address from two employers ago.

8.  Add your contact number or Skype address.  Make it easy for potential employers or joint venture partners to reach and connect with you.

9.  Pick up the phone and connect with 3 of your connections.  Schedule a Skype virtual meeting with your overseas colleagues.

10.  Update your interests, both your professional and personal.  Allow others to see and know more of your whole self.  You may be connected on a richer and deeper level.

Not only are these smart career success strategies – they are mindful.  They reflect the intention you have for your career, legacy and purposeful leadership.



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