Seven Ways To Plan Your Fresh Start

Fresh starts and new beginnings. We all want these. But when it comes to our careers and businesses, starting entirely fresh and new, isn’t always easy, practical or necessary.

There’s the big challenge of where in the world do we actually begin, how do we plan, and how to we remain enthusiastic and inspired as we move forward in our fresh start and new beginning.

We may desire a fresh start but then get stopped, because we don’t know how to break that inspired idea and project into realistic actions that get done.

Here’s what I do to get my inspired ideas implemented while keeping my heart, soul, passion and purpose alive in the process.

1. Dump out all of your thoughts and ideas. Get them out of your head, whether it’s writing them on paper with colored markers (this is where I tend to start), recording them on an audio, creating a PowerPoint, writing out sticky notes or noting them in your iPad. Do whatever works best for you. Free up your mental energy by letting them out of your system. Don’t edit or delete. Just write. You can’t think clearly, creatively or effectively with a ton of thoughts and ideas swirling in your mind.

2. Translate each of your brilliant ideas into action statements. Each should begin with a verb – call, write, mind map, research, review, follow up, connect, email, schedule etc….

3. Sort and bundle your actions by the skill and energy that it requires. This sorting process helps you use and manage your personal energy. You’ll find that by bundling your work activities you get more work done. Your mind and energy won’t be bouncing back and forth. It will be focused and clear. Think of Oprah. She taped three or four shows in one day. When you bundle your work activities, you’re also able to create the ideal work environment for you to thrive – whether that’s your favorite café, restaurant, conference room, creative workspace or dining room table.

4. Prioritize either by project, goal or simply by what naturally inspires you. Look for opportunities where you can create small wins that build your confidence. ALWAYS keep in mind your personal vision – your compass of where you are heading. Make sure that your priorities are aligned with the vision that you set for yourself.

5. Sleep on your plan and actions. Allow your heart and soul to digest what you really want to accomplish. Give yourself time to take in your fresh start idea before jumping in right away and easily getting overwhelmed. The next day, or three, you’ll discover what you are truly inspired and committed to achieving. You’ll also discover what you left out and which actions are “shoulds” and “ought tos” that can either be eliminated or delegated.

6. Pray about your plan and what you are up to. Ask for guidance, wisdom, direction and support. Then listen with open ears, heart and mind.

7. Do what you are committed and called to do in order to thrive, flourish and succeed in your career. Take action to manifest your fresh start and new beginning.



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