Ditch Your Resume And Reenergize Yourself First

You know you need to work on your resume, CV, professional bio, proposal and/or pitch, but you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Truth be told, just thinking about working on this critical marketing and personal branding document has you filled with anger, resentment, fear and worry sprinkled with a dose of depression.

You need to ditch your resume, CV, professional bio, proposal and/or pitch right now. You are not in the emotional state to produce your best work.

You want to write from your power, purpose and soul. This is guaranteed to have your strengths, experience and value-added skills jump off the page and attract the opportunities that you want.

First focus on activities that will help you come alive and feel more energetic and enthusiastic about your career again.

Because when you feel alive about your career’s future, the right keywords and phrases will just tumble out of you. Then you’ll truly highlight all that you bring to every project, team and organization.

In the second part of this three part series, I share ten new practical, creative and spiritual career success strategies that will reenergize you and help you create your winning document.

10 Ways To Create A Compelling Resume

1. Create affirmations that empower you to write with confidence and conviction. Such as “I love showcasing my skills, experience and achievements,” or perhaps “I bring a bucket load of value-added skills that companies and clients are looking for.” Say your affirmations daily over and over and over again until you truly believe them.

2. Envision yourself in your desired position. Start with the end in mind. Spend five to ten minutes each day envisioning yourself working in your desired position. This simple activity will shift your mindset, attitude and ultimately the actions you make.

3. Mind map your resume. This right brain tool is ideal for effectively accessing your intuition, natural creativity and inner wisdom (and all that you bring) so that you create a document that you are proud of and love sharing with others.

4. Move your body. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Do twenty minutes of yoga. Put on your favorite playlist and dance your heart out. Your thinking is clearer and sharper after you exercise – and you feel more energized. This is exactly the emotional and mental state that you want to be creating your resume in.

5. Read your vision story. Reconnect to what you REALLY want to achieve this year. This is your personalized tool that helps keep you focused and committed to your big dreams and goals.

6. Review the job descriptions of your ideal position. Identify the critical skills and experience that are needed. Then identify the ones you already possess and are currently developing.

7. Use social media. Follow the companies you’d love to work for and the respective industry leaders on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

8. Create your biggest bragging resume. Toot your own horn so loud that it actually makes you laugh out loud. Don’t exaggerate the truth. Just tell it as a matter of fact.

9. Spend time on LinkedIn. Look to see if any of your connections are connected to the organizations that you’d love to work for.

10. Be inspired by the blog. Give yourself an inspiration break. Before sitting down to write, spend ten minutes (guilt free) feeding your spirit and creativity by enjoying one of your favorite blogs or your Pinterest account.

You don’t have to do all them. You just have to do the ones that help you write from your power and soul and helps you produce a strength-based document that “WOWs” the reader.



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