Two Ways To Boost Your Confidence FAST

As an executive and entrepreneur you have extensive experience managing high-profile projects, leading diverse teams and addressing company-wide issues.

Yet you’re still not feeling as confident about your career and its future as you have in the past. Your confidence is in need of a boost, BIG TIME, and fast.

I love the topic of confidence and speak on it often. Confidence is one of the key pillars for career success.

And what’s great about confidence is it’s available to everyone regardless of their age, gender, race, job title, position or salary.

Here are two of my favorite confidence boosting strategies.

1. Spend time with and around confident people.

We all immediately notice when a confident person enters the room. We see it in their smile, the way they greet people, the way they make eye contact, and even their posture and how they hold their head. There is an aura and energy around them, almost as if a spotlight is highlighting their presence and every move.

Let’s face it. Confident people manage their careers differently from how they network, manage their workloads, share their ideas, pursue opportunities to how they face challenges and bounce back from setbacks.

Confident people know there is always room for them to learn, grow and develop. Continuing education is a part of their career and life. They aim for progress versus perfection.

When you are in the company of confident people, you will grow. You’ll begin to model and adopt their behavior. Just being in their presence will boost your own confidence level.

2. Share your achievements with others.

When you share your achievements:

You’re letting people know your skills, strengths and area of expertise. When they are in need of your expertise, they’ll know exactly who to call.

You’re spreading and sharing your joy. There’s more than enough bad news that’s shared on a daily basis. Sharing your success helps to paint a more balanced and accurate picture.

You’re inspiring others. When people hear what you’ve accomplished, they will be inspired by your success. Their career dreams will be given new life and seem possible again.

You’re saying thank you. Acknowledging your achievements is a form of saying thank you for the blessing that you’ve been bestowed.



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