A Different Approach To Success

As experienced executives, business professionals and business owners, we’re all well aware that we are experiencing the new world of work.

The tips, tools and strategies that may have helped us succeed early in our career or even 7 years ago do not necessarily work today. New and different approaches are desperately needed.

Not only do our mindset, thoughts, beliefs and energy play leading roles in our success, but they also impact our actions. Now more than ever, we need to embrace and take a holistic approach to succeeding.

Here are three ways to experience more meaning and success in your career.

1. Use your intuition.

On paper the job/project/person looks and sounds amazing. However, there’s a knot in your gut, a tug at your heart, and sudden overwhelming feelings of uneasiness. Your mind is telling you to “sign on the dotted line” but your heart, body and soul are screaming for you to run in the opposite direction. Even without hard evidence or the ability to understand or verbalize your deep conviction, you can still trust and use your intuition when making decisions. Your intuition is your uniquely designed gift to help guide, direct and lead you.

2. Let go.

After a decade or two of successfully managing cross-functional teams, high-visible projects and high-demanding clients, it’s normal that your most comfortable role is being the “go-to” person in charge. The person who always takes the lead on every project (no matter the size), while increasing feeling alone, overwhelmed, overworked, under-appreciated, with way too much on your plate and a life consumed by work. This role has become your security blanket. Your belief that it’s impossible to succeed if you say no, let go of some responsibilities, or are not in charge of every project is holding you back and keeping you stuck. You’ll have to let go of this outdated belief to experience new and greater levels of success.

3. Go for ease.

I struggled terribly to get B’s in most of my advanced level undergraduate accounting courses. Not to mention the 2½ tough and tiring years it took me to successfully pass the CPA exam. It wasn’t until graduate school that I first experienced full on joy, fun and ease along with career success. My organization development course work was engaging, challenging and a fun learning experience. Learning, success and A grades came easily to me. No forcing. No struggling. My prayers had been answered. I had discovered a field and career that I was passionate about and aligned with my natural gifts, strengths and core values. I also learned what it felt like to succeed with ease. If your career success is dominated by constant stress, struggle and inauthenticity, you are not experiencing the purpose-driven and meaningful success that is possible for you. Going for ease in your career reflects you honoring your values, following your heart, and leveraging your gifts and strengths.



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