The Art Of Asking

Whether you are a business owner fearful of not attracting enough ideal clients and having to find a “9 to 5”, or you are an executive in an organization terrified of becoming unemployed (again), in order for you to succeed in your career you will have to be comfortable in the art of asking.

Here are two “asks” you will need to do consistently to achieve your true leadership potential.

1. Ask for what you want.

It’s much easier to complain about not being challenged in your job, having too much on your plate, or that your team is not stepping up to the plate than to ask your boss or team for exactly what you want. Until you ask for exactly what you want you will get exactly what you do not want. No one has mastered reading your mind and you won’t know if it’s impossible until you ask.

Asking for what you want empowers your boss, team and colleagues to meet and exceed your expectations. And it empowers you to take ownership of your career and success. The clearer and more specific you are in your ask, the easier it is for others to meet your needs. Effective leaders know this and are crystal clear when they ask for what they want. People pleasers beware. You will feel extremely uncomfortable asking for what you want. However, over time and with practice, it will become second nature.

2. Ask for help.

No one succeeds on their own and by themselves. We do not need to watch the Olympics to know this. However, hearing the Olympians’ personal stories and the support they receive from their coaches and loved ones in order to compete for the gold is the perfect reminder. The bigger our career goal, the more support we need to achieve it.

Asking for help is required. Whether you are asking for feedback on your resume or sales page, recommendations from your boss, or asking for help with job and client leads, you need to ask others for help. If you ever feel vulnerable asking for help (which is quite normal), ask yourself if you would prefer to feel vulnerable asking for help or demoralized being out-of-work and unemployed.

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