Passive or Proactive Career Strategist

How do you manage your career? Do you wait for opportunities to be presented to you on a silver platter or do you actively create opportunities for yourself?

Business and creative professionals who proactively manage their careers tend to feel more in control and experience more joy, success and purpose in their careers.

There are many ways for you to manage your career. You can approach these activities passively or proactively. For instance:

How do you network?

Passively – Only attend networking events when you are in between jobs, your business is slow or when you’re promoting an event. Only talk with people you already know and have non-business conversations. Complain how much you hate networking and that it doesn’t really help you advance your career.

Proactively – Look at networking as a way of nurturing authentic professional relationships. Frequently attend networking events within your industry and/or the industry of your clients, customers, prospects or future desired profession. Have fun meeting and talking with people who you don’t know. Follow up with potential referral and strategic partners to deepen the connection and discuss how you might support one another. Share resources with colleagues, partners, current and past clients.

How do you approach your professional development?

Passively – Focus solely on developing your technical skills. View career challenges as personal attacks. Hire career professionals only when you are in the midst of a career crisis. Attend professional development sessions just to maintain your professional license or credentials. Complain how ineffective professional development is in addressing your everyday work challenges.

Proactively – Focus on developing your strengths and leadership skills. Attend seminars, workshops and conferences to stay abreast of industry and business trends. Approach career challenges as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. Hire a career, business or executive coach to help you advance in your career, grow your business and develop skills you lack.

How do you approach changes in your industry?

Passively – Complain about the changes in your industry, wishing things would be like they used to be. Rely on your colleagues to keep you abreast of trends. Resist adapting to the current business environment.

Proactively – Spend time identifying growth opportunities within your industry that you have the skills, expertise and experience to capitalize on. Share your growth opportunity ideas with those who can help you bring them to life. Build strategic alliances with other professionals who serve the same target market.

Want to take a more proactive approach? Start by looking at your current mindset. It’s what drives your actions.

A passive mindset tends to believe that their efforts won’t make a difference versus a proactive mindset that believes they have what it takes to succeed.

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