Wouldn’t It Be Cool If….

Wouldn’t it be cool if

  • you no longer felt stuck about what you want for your career in 2013 and beyond?
  • you were no longer unclear of what would give you more purpose, passion, power and success in your career in 2013 and beyond?

  • you had a clear and empowering vision and plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be in 2013 and beyond?

If you said Yes! Yes! and Yes! then the New Year! New Vision! Coaching Session was designed with you in mind.

In this 60-minute coaching session, you’ll receive my help in connecting with your power, purpose, passion and heart and then creating your career vision of success and setting your career goals.

We’ll uncover what you REALLY want to attract, create and experience in the upcoming year.

You know that the most powerful and effective plans and goals first begin with a vision where you intentionally choose what you want.

I’m currently offering a $50 savings on the New Year! New Vision! Coaching Session if purchase by December 15. There are only 10 available spaces.

Click here now for details and to sign up.

Once these 10 sessions sell out, they will not be available again until 2014.

This coaching session isn’t for everyone. It’s fun, powerful and highly effective if you want to tap into your inner wisdom and begin 2013 with greater intention and purpose.

It’s almost hard for me to believe that less than 10 years ago I was working so hard and achieving success as I dragged my PricewaterhouseCoopers laptop around Chicago and the country.

I was often working underground in windowless bank vaults, leading internal audit teams, nose deep in the wonderful world of numbers, accounting and finance, but knowing in my heart and soul that I wasn’t doing the work that would give me the long-term career success and fulfillment that I truly desired.

Now I am living out my career vision of success – helping experienced business and creative professionals step into their power, be their most authentic and courageous selves, thrive in business, and reclaim their purpose and passion for their careers.

Click here now for details and to purchase your New Year! New Vision! Coaching Session.

I look forward to helping you create YOUR career vision of success.

Viva your dreams!



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