Make Room For Greater Career Success

There is no “one” perfect time to focus your time, energy and attention to your career success and growth. If you want to achieve new and greater career success you have to make room for it physically, spiritually and energetically.

If you’re feeling weighed down and overwhelmed with an over-scheduled calendar and more than enough on your plate, these 3 strategies will help you create space to effectively focus on your career goals.

  1. Start saying “no” to every task, project, opportunity, networking event, etc. that comes across your desk and start freeing up your time and energy. Begin by evaluating your role and involvement in your key work responsibilities, in terms of their effectiveness in helping you bring your long-term vision of success to life. Begin by asking yourself which activities have the greatest impact on your success, highlight your natural gifts and talents, leverage your expertise, and you truly enjoy doing.

  3. Declutter your workspace and make physical room for new and greater success to come into your career. Your workspace should inspire and motivate you to stay focused on moving your goals forward. It needs to be set up for your success. If you find that your energy is immediately zapped when you’re at your desk, or that you have a hard time concentrating and focusing due to a cluttered workspace, you need to declutter and create a workspace that improves your productivity and creativity.

  5. Set dedicated time in your schedule to work toward your career goals. Whether that’s 30-minutes each morning, two lunch hours per week or one Saturday a month. Put those times and dates in your calendar in advance and make them non-negotiable appointments that cannot be rescheduled.



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