2 Ways To Get Unstuck


Where do you typically get stuck as you’re moving your big career goals forward?

When the results aren’t happening fast enough? When you lose sight of your long-term vision of success? Or when you’re playing a bigger game in your career and getting outside of your normal comfort zone?

Getting stuck isn’t the issue. We all get stuck. The issue is staying stuck. That’s why it is important to know where we tend to get stuck, and what we can do to get unstuck.

What we think determines our beliefs; our beliefs determine our actions; our actions determine our daily habits and our daily habits determine our long-term career success and fulfillment.

To get unstuck, we first need to see things differently in order for us to shift our thinking and ultimately change our actions and daily habits.

Here are two ways to help shift your thinking so you get unstuck.

  1. Think 6 months ahead to the results that you want to achieve at that point. Really imagine yourself having successfully achieved those results. Allow your mind to see yourself 6 months into your future experiencing the success that you desire. Then work backwards by asking yourself what do I have to start, stop and continue doing today and continue on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to achieve the success that I want 6 months from now?
  2. Think of someone who you most admire and see as unstoppable in actively pursuing their career goals in an authentic, purpose-driven and meaningful way. Knowing what you know of them, imagine what that person would do if they were facing the challenges, roadblocks and setbacks that you are currently facing. Imagine how they would approach the particular career situation that you feel most stuck in. Imagine what they would think, do, say and not say. How would they move forward? Then, on a daily basis, model the mindset, behavior, attitude and actions of this person.



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