Create A New Story

What's Your Story?
What’s the story you’ve been telling yourself, and perhaps others, about your career? If I asked you right now to tell me about your career, what would you say? Would it be a story that empowers, inspires or motivates you? Is it a story that just makes you want to go to sleep and hide under the covers?

You know that what we think and believe is tied to our actions. If the story you’ve been telling yourself about your career is not inspiring you, it’s not going to lead you to inspired action. It’s that simple.

This month, I’m inviting you to create a new story. Let me use an example of someone who is currently looking for a new position, one that’s filled with joy, fun, recognition and financial abundance.

They could be telling themselves and others, “I’m at a job right now that drains me. I can do this work in my sleep. I’m not motivated. I’m not challenged. There are no jobs out there. I should feel lucky for this. No one is hiring. In fact, people are being laid off.”

That could be the story they are telling themselves. I would put money on it that they are probably not taking any action toward what they really want. They’re probably, slowly but surely, dying inside, dragging themselves to work and sleep walking through both their career and their life.

How different would it be if this same person tried on a new story? The story could be, “I’m really grateful for the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained where I’m currently employed. I’m ready for something new.

I know that I have a lot to offer to a team, an organization and to the world. I know that someone is looking to hire someone just like me. I know that there are several positions that are looking to find someone like me. They just need me to show up.” What actions might they take with that story?

Here is your homework. Again, it has multiple parts. Part one is to find out the story you are telling yourself about your career. If you’re not quite sure, talk to a close loved one. Ask them what they hear you say about your career. If it’s one that’s not inspiring you then you know it’s time to create a new story. Then literally create and make up a new story about your career that inspires you.

For the rest of the time, tell yourself and others your new story. For those high achievers, you can act out your new story. Take one, two, three or four actions that have you live out your story. You can choose.



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