5 Steps To A More Meaningful Career

Meaningful Career

It takes more energy and effort to succeed in a career that’s a wrong fit for you than it takes for you to succeed in your ideal career. 

When you’re in a career where your key responsibilities and duties do not utilize your innate gifts and talents, and you’re not passionate about the work that you’re doing on a day-to-day basis, you’re working beneath your true leadership potential.  Not only are you in a wrong career fit, your lack of motivation towards it will eventually sabotage your success and cost you your job.

Instead of wasting your time day dreaming about quitting, or constantly updating your registration but not taking any real action to change things for the better, it’s time for you to get serious about focusing your time, energy and resources on identifying the type of work that will empower you to achieve success, increase your income, and find meaning in your work.

Here are five steps to help you.

  1. Reflect on your favorite work projects.  Think back over the course of your entire career and identify all of the projects where you had the most fun working. The projects where you smiled and laughed while working. The projects where you lost track of time and received high praise and glowing feedback from the high-level results that you achieved. You’ll know it’s a favorite work project because the minute you begin to reflect on these projects, you’ll reconnect with the feelings of joy, purpose, connection and fulfillment you felt at the time when you were actually working on those projects.  If you want to achieve success and increase your income in a meaningful career, you first need to identify the work that has made you come fully alive.
  2. Document your role in each project. It’s important to know the roles you had in your favorite work projects. This information will help you create an effective career management plan for your meaningful career move. You may discover that the role that you had is actually what made it your favorite and not the nature of the work.
  3. List the results you achieved in each project. When you are able to see the results that you achieved (or helped achieve) when doing your best work in black and white, you’ll become more confident in appreciating the value that you bring to every team, project, client and organization. This renewed confidence will help you communicate what makes you different more clearly and effectively.
  4. Identify the key skills you used to achieve your results. You need to know the transferable skills that you have that can be used in different positions, careers and/or industries. As you become more aware of your unique value and your value proposition, you’ll be more effective in communicating it; leveraging your strengths and attracting the type of work that you truly enjoying doing.
  5. Manage your career with intention. If you want to make a meaningful career move where you’re making a difference through your career and making a positive impact at work, you need to begin managing your career with intentionality. This begins with you being crystal clear of your core values, strengths and lifestyle goals, and then getting crystal clear on what you really want to experience in your career so that you can create the career management plan that gets you there.  



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