Get Feedback

Get Feedback
Get a fresh pair of eyes in your career. Have someone else give you feedback and insight into your current career challenge. Most high-powered executives, entrepreneurs and creative professionals who are passionate about their careers are super sensitive to feedback from others.

They are so emotionally connected to their work and career that receiving feedback makes them feel uncomfortable. It can make you feel vulnerable, inadequate and not in the position of power and authority that you’ve grown accustomed to.

But your inability to receive feedback will eventually sabotage your success. You need to be able to see things from different perspectives and points of view.

This month, I want you to seek out a fresh pair of eyes from someone in your network. Have them review and give you feedback on some of your key career documents. It might be your resume, your proposal or pitch, your professional bio, your strategic plan, your speaking notes or keynote address. Maybe it’s your performance appraisal.

Entrepreneurs, I want you to get feedback from someone on your website, your business card, your social media sites or even your client agreements.

When you receive this feedback, I want you to be open to their ideas and insights even if you don’t agree with them initially. Just listen and hear what a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective has to say. Treat their feedback as a gift, because it truly is a gift.

Then you can decide what you want to do with the information that you receive. You can toss it out or you can use it and implement it in your career. Being open and receptive to new insights, ideas and perspectives is critical if you want to continue to thrive at work and your career.



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