Grounded & Centered

This month, I invite you to start each day getting grounded and centered. Instead of jumping out of bed and attacking your to-do list and priorities, I’m inviting you to spend 5, 10, 15 or even 30 minutes getting prepared spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

This might be in the form of silent meditation, journal writing, prayer, scripture reading or listening to inspirational music. You know that in today’s busy and noisy world, it can be really difficult to listen to our hearts and follow our souls.

By making, creating and taking the time to ground and center ourselves, we are creating the space and developing the skills for us to listen and trust our heart, soul and spirit even more.

In doing so, we’re clearing our mind for the day. We’re preparing ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually for all that we will face in the day. It will help us make sound decisions. It will help us make choices in our career and business that come from a place of purpose, passion and power.

This month, enjoy starting each day getting grounded and centered. I’ll be doing it alongside you. Know that this will help you thrive at work and in your career.


At the beginning of each year we ambitiously and excitedly set new career goals for the year. While we don’t intend to, often by spring, we’ve let them go to the wayside whether it’s because we have a lack of support, we’ve been stopped by life’s circumstances or we just don’t have the knowledge and information we need to help us achieve them.

Regardless of the reason, we get sidetracked and lose sight of the importance of our goals. This month, I want you to get really clear on your “why” for your number one career goal.



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