3 Tips To Conquer Any Interview

Conquer Any Interview

Interviewing for a new project, position or client does not have to be a nerve-wrecking experience that keeps you up all night. If you want to conquer your interviews, you need to be relaxed, clear, confident and authentic as you share the unique value that you bring.

Here are three strategies to help you.

  1. Identify the organizational culture you naturally thrive in. A company’s culture influences everything – how decisions are made, how information is shared, how changes are communicated, how clients are treated and how employees are encouraged to be creative, innovative and take risks. An organization’s culture shapes the attitudes and behavior of its employees, and defines the rules of the game. If you are working in a strong culture where its values do not align with your core personal values, you’ll find it extremely difficult to achieve ongoing success, fulfillment and growth at work. Once you’ve identified the culture that’s best suited for you, you’ll stop wasting time pursuing positions that aren’t the best fit and become more effective in attracting opportunities that are.
  2. Clarify the ideal position you’re seeking. Interviews are easier and a lot more fun when you are clear on the type of responsibilities and projects you’re truly interested and motivated to work on at this stage in your career. Your clarity will be palpable and extremely attractive to the interviewer. It will be apparent that you’re serious about your career and take ownership for its growth and success. Your clarity will also help you engage in a balanced two-way conversation, where you’re focused on understanding the position, its responsibilities and overall expectations, so to better understand if you are the best fit for the role.
  3. Share your past ideal work projects. With a proven track record of achieving solid results in your ideal career, you have a treasure chest of ideal work projects (e.g. projects where you came alive at work, achieved great results, experienced a strong feeling of purpose and fulfillment) to share. Now is the time to highlight your expertise, experience, strengths, innate gifts, and career passions. Tooting your own horn with tangible evidence and great stories is a powerful and effective way to demonstrate your leadership ability, the way in which you work best, how you address challenges, and overcome setbacks while achieving high-level results.



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