Networking11-27-13This month, I want you to get outside of your networking comfort zone. What do I mean by that? I want you to do things differently in terms of how you network. Here’s an example. Are you a super Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest networker? Do you do all your networking online?

While that’s wonderful, I want you to do things differently by getting outside of your networking comfort zone and taking things offline. Perhaps that’s meeting someone in person for coffee or lunch. Maybe that’s attending a networking event in your industry or in your client’s industry. Maybe it’s picking up the phone and having some conversations with people that you network with.

Maybe you’re someone who does a lot of networking but you only network inside of your industry. Perhaps you are a coach and you attend all networking events that are specifically targeted to coaches. How about trying to network with individuals who might be strategic partners or individuals in your niche? That’s a way to get outside of your networking comfort zone.

Maybe it’s that you attend a lot of group networking events but you haven’t experienced a lot of benefit because you haven’t really deepened the relationships with the individuals you’ve collected cards from. You could get outside of your networking comfort zone by creating your own one-on-one networking events. That’s right. We’re talking coffee. We’re talking lunches. We’re talking breakfasts and maybe even phone calls or Skype conversations.

Here’s another one for you. Maybe it’s just talking to different individuals at the events that you already attend. Do you find yourself talking to your friends, colleagues and clients but really not meeting new individuals at your regularly-attended networking events? One easy way to get outside of your networking comfort zone is to talk to new people.

We know that in order to thrive at work and in our career that we need to stretch ourselves. We need to get outside of our comfort zone and do things different. This, of course, is going to require us to have deeper confidence, be clearer on our message, who we help, what makes us unique, why we love what we do and increase our listening skills to the individuals we talk to. This month, have fun getting outside of your networking comfort zone.

I just got outside of my networking comfort zone by attending the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurial Conference. Let me tell you, it was a sound investment of time and money. Have fun with this month’s Power and Soul at Work tip. It will help you thrive at work and in your career.



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