Declare It

Declare it!

This month, I want you to declare and share your number one career or business goal out loud with a trusted friend, colleague, coach or mentor. I want you to share that goal that maybe you’ve been wavering back and forth with. The goal that you started the year off with high ambition, lots of energy and enthusiasm, but over the past few months, you’ve lost focus, steam and momentum.

Here’s three reasons why I want you to share and declare your goal out loud. First, most of our ideas and goals don’t take form and become real when we keep them tucked away into ourselves. Second, often there are people and resources in our immediate network that can help us achieve our goals but we just haven’t tapped into them because they don’t even know our goals. Lastly, have you ever noticed that when you share a desire, goal or idea with clarity and confidence, almost instantaneously you attract exactly what you want? I’ve had that experience and so have my clients.

I want you to take a few minutes and think of who can best support you in achieving your number one career or business goal this year. Who would really be a member of your dream team? Those people who come to mind are who I’d like you to share your number one career or business goal with.

I have a colleague and she likes to say, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work.” I love when she says it because it’s so right. This month, have fun with your Power and Soul at Work tip. Enjoy declaring and sharing your number one career or business goal. It will help you thrive at work and in your career.



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