How To Get Out Of A Career Rut


There are always tell-tale signs letting you know that your career is in a rut. You’re constantly passed over for promotions and never invited to be involved in high-level, high-visibility projects. You’re always offered the interview or client meeting, but never get the job or new client. Your boss tells you directly that your career has no further growth in the organization and it’s best that you look for work elsewhere. You find you are dragging yourself to work in the morning, and crying on the way home from work because you know you’re wasting your gifts and talents in an unfulfilling, passionless position. But mostly you’re bitter, frustrated and angry that at this stage in your career, with a proven track record of producing high-level results, you find yourself in a career rut.

These four strategies will help you.

  1. Admit that your career is in a rut. Pretending that your career is heading in the direction that you want when it’s not is more stressful and damaging than taking proactive steps to transform your career for the better. Once you acknowledge the reality of your situation and your true feelings of anger, frustration and overwhelm, you immediately free up energy to make positive changes for the better.
  2. Dedicate time each day to work on your career. “I hope” and “we’ll see” are not effective career management strategies to get you out of this career rut. You need to set aside time in your daily schedule to work on transforming your career for the better, versus just working in your job, career or business.
  3. Surround yourself with people who are passionate and successful in their careers. Successful people who are fulfilled and passionate about careers attract more success. Being in their company is inspiring, energizing and motivating. When you surround yourself with other professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who are well paid in meaningful careers that they truly love to do and know they are meant to do, you, your perspective and mindset of how one should experience work will change. You’ll find yourself facing your fears and going after your career dreams in bigger and bolder ways.
  4. Hire a career coach. Getting out of a career rut on your own is the hard way. Why not fast-track the process and achieve your goals in record time with the support of a career coach? When you work with a career coach you are given the structure, accountability and strategies you need to keep you focused and on track with achieving your career goals and bringing your big vision of success to life.



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