7 Ways To Take Back Your Power At Work

Are you showing up in your career or business as powerfully as you know you can be? Do you believe in your long-term personal vision of success, without a shadow of a doubt? Or are you playing it safe and shying away from standing out in your field and being your most authentic self at work?

If you truly want to grow as a leader in your industry, and dramatically increase your income doing meaningful work that you truly love and know that you are meant to do, you’ll need to make serious changes on how you are owning your personal power.

These seven strategies will help you.

    1. Put God first and commit to developing a closer relationship with Him and increasing your faith. Ask Him for guidance and direction with your tough career or business decisions. In doing so, you’ll become more open and receptive to His miracles, blessings and grace. You’ll find yourself allowing God to do the heavy lifting in your career or business and no longer feel the need to carry all of your burdens on your own.


  • Set stronger boundaries around your time and energy. Stop working 24/7, 365 days a year. Schedule your vacation time now. Use the word “No” more frequently. Boundaries = balance.



  • Make your health, well-being and happiness a priority. Start by getting enough sleep each night, doing some form of exercise daily, and eating healthy nutritious meals. If you want to sustain your success, you’ll need to counter-balance all of your action with time spent resting, recovering and recharging.



  • Expand your network. Commit to meeting new interesting, successful, creative, passionate, high-performing, purpose-driven leaders and visionaries. Spending time in the company of your true peers will inspire you in ways that you’d never imagine.



  • Feed your creativity. Take classes and workshops that are not directly related to your job or work. Feeding your creativity will give your life more joy. It will also help develop your creative ideas and creative thinking skills.



  • Trust your keen intuition. Stop second-guessing yourself and constantly seeking approval and acceptance from others about your career or business. You’re wasting time and creating more work for yourself.



  • Focus on projects that highlight your innate gifts and strengths – the ones that energize you so that you lose track of time while working. Stop taking the lead on every project. Delegate the tasks that bog you down and hold you back. Your energy and focus need to be on increasing your visibility, demonstrating your true leadership abilities and producing higher-level results, so that you can make a larger positive impact through your work.




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