3 Ways to Address Overwhelm

You’re excited about the growth and success you’re experiencing at work and in your ideal career or business, however you now find yourself having to make more decisions because of all of the projects and responsibilities that are on your plate, and also address more people issues than you have in the past. You’re not as focused, organized and on top of things or on top of your game as you would like to be, and although it may not be obvious to many, you’ve let several balls drop simply because you forgot about them. Your feelings of overwhelm have increased and you’ve noticed that thoughts of “is this really worth it” or “this is not all it’s cracked up to be” and “maybe I shouldn’t have taken the new project (position/job/client) or accepted the promotion” are creeping into your mind more often.

Here are three strategies to help you address your overwhelm and reduce your stress.

    1. Give yourself a break. Remind yourself that you are in the midst of significant growth, change and transformation and in a new phase and stage in your career and leadership. As such, the strategies that might have worked in the past are no longer applicable to where you are now. Trying to do the same thing and get a different result is resulting in your increased stress, overwhelm and anxiety. You need to acknowledge this and give yourself a break. If you don’t give yourself some grace and mercy, other people won’t as well. People take cues on how to treat you based on how you treat yourself.


  • Give yourself more time than you normally would to complete what’s currently on your desk. You want to avoid the churn and burn pattern. Build in 20-minute breaks throughout your day. Space out your client meetings. Schedule lunch time into your day. Creating more space knowing that you are dealing with more unknowns is a proactive approach to setting yourself up for new and greater levels of success.



  • Give your work to someone else. Strategic delegation should be one of your number one priorities. You need to give the tasks and responsibilities that bog you down and are not aligned with your unique gifts and strengths to someone else on your team. It’s time for you to recognize that you’ve outgrown these responsibilities and that someone else is better equipped to take the lead and ownership over them. If you don’t, you are likely to sabotage your future career or business success.




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