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where is God in your plan?

Does your 2016 Business or Career Plan reflect God’s Purpose, Plan, and Vision for Your Life?

Are you ready to trust and honor your God-given gifts, dreams, and purpose? Is it time to stop expending all of your time and energy at work or putting everyone else’s needs before your own?

What difference would it make to have a clear plan that truly supports your health, happiness and success? What changes do you know it is time to make?

It begins with a compelling vision that aligns with God’s desires, your purpose and strengths, and a clear plan to activate it.

I’m on a mission to help Christ-centered, purpose-driven leaders live their lives more creatively, successfully, and on purpose.

Now is the time to say yes to showing up as the leader that God has called you to be. Your life is a precious gift and there is no time to waste.

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To your best year yet!


5 Reasons To Gain Clarity On Your Strengths

One of the biggest challenges that purpose-driven leaders and visionaries struggle with is being able to accurately see themselves for who they truly are.

This lack of clarity and confidence negatively impacts their ability to be paid well for the purpose-driven work they were created to do.

While the process of gaining clarity on your strengths is not always easy, it is critical for executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners to know what they do best in order for them to experience personal growth, increased income and long-term success and fulfillment.

Here are 5 reasons why you must gain clarity on your strengths:

  1. You will be excited about your work instead of dreading it and leaving mentally and energetically exhausted at the end of the day. Your business or career will take on a whole new meaning, purpose and satisfaction when you are working in your strengths.
  2. You will get more done on a daily basis with the least amount of effort. You won’t struggle with having the motivation to get work done. Your passion will drive you forward.
  3. You will experience increased self-confidence. You will stop second-guessing and doubting yourself. You’ll have more fun going after business opportunities that are aligned with your strengths.
  4. You will experience far greater (as much as 6x) positive and creative experiences at work. You will experience a new level of personal growth. Your creative ideas and innovative thinking will expand.
  5. You will experience a level of deep inner peace, fulfillment and meaning because you will be utilizing your God-given gifts and talents.

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Coach

The decision to hire an executive coach is often prompted because you are ready to get to your next level of career or business success and have acknowledged that if you could have figured it out on your own by now, you would have.

There are several excellent reasons why you should hire a professional coach to help you. Here are 7 common ones that my clients share with me:

    1. You’ll have someone skillfully trained and innately gifted at bringing out the best in you.


    1. You’ll have a professional helping you identify and work on your strengths and purpose.


    1. You’ll have a professional to hear your concerns and challenges without judgment and then helps you make effective choices.


    1. You’ll have a professional trained to see areas where you may be holding yourself back and give you sound feedback to help you get out of your own way.


    1. You’ll have a professional trained to ask questions to help you create your personal vision of success and then hold you accountable to that vision.


    1. You’ll have a professional who provides a shoulder to lean on when you falter, get stuck or discouraged then helps you learn and grow from that experience.


    1. You’ll have a trusted advisor to help you create and implement your personalized action plan.


    1. You’ll have someone skillfully trained to help you face and overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.


    1. You’ll have someone to help you grow and develop key leadership skills.


  1. You’ll have a professional who has the heart to truly want you to succeed.

The truth is no one “needs” a coach, and coaching is not a good investment for everyone. Coaching is the “secret weapon” that high-performing leaders use to help them get unstuck, achieve a breakthrough, and realize a career or business goal.

3 Top Barriers That Prevent Leaders From Saying No

Saying no is a leadership dilemma that each executive, entrepreneur, small business owner and career professional faces. For many purpose-driven leaders who are naturally wired to be other focused, saying no is counterintuitive. For everyone, this skill is still challenging to master. Nonetheless, it’s a critical skill that all professionals must learn and develop if they are serious about growing in their leadership and increasing their income doing meaningful work they love. And to do so, the first step is to understand why leaders struggle with saying no.

Here are the 3 top barriers that prevent leaders from saying no:

  1. The leader wants to be liked and appreciated and will not say no if it requires them to be the bearer of bad, yet truthful news. High-performing purpose-driven leaders understand their true value and worth and do not base their actions on external praise or appreciation.
  1. The leader wants to “save the day” and, in doing so, will not say no if it requires them to be the bearer of bad, yet truthful news. Effective leaders know that they are not in the saving business. They are here to serve their clients, customers and team members, which at times means telling them the hard honest truth in love.
  1. The leader feels like they don’t have a choice to say no, because they have not learned how to say no from a place of power and positivity. So more often than not, they find themselves saying, “yes”, when their intuition is shouting from them to say, “No.” or “Let me think about it.” And because they have not learned how to set boundaries and say no effectively, when they do say no it tends to be out of anger and frustration, which results in them being hard on the person instead of being hard on the issue.


10 Key Characteristics Of A Purpose-Driven Career

Navigating a significant career move in today’s world of work is challenging and is definitely not linear or straightforward. Each leader’s journey to their ideal career path or position is unique.

Whether you are making a transition within your current field, transitioning into a freelancer or consultant position, completely changing careers, moving into the non-for-profit arena, or launching a new business because you are driven to do meaningful work you love, we all can appreciate a sense that we are on the right path to our ideal position or career path.

Here are 10 key characteristics of a purpose-driven career to help you along the way.

  1. You experience a sense of peace, happiness, meaning and purpose in what you do. You know that you are here to do this work. Your career will be your calling.

  3. You love talking, reading and attending workshops (classes, lectures, seminars, conferences) about your work and your field. Your bookshelf is full of books on the field.

  5. You feel innately connected to others in your field. They are members of your tribe. You like being in their company.

  7. You lose yourself in your work. Time slips by. Retiring from it seems ridiculous. Working on the weekends doesn’t feel like work.

  9. Friends and family members seek your opinion and advice on the subject long before you’ve begun getting paid for your services, products or expertise.

  11. As you reflect over your life, you see the path that brought you to your ideal purpose-driven career. You’ve desired, envisioned and wrote about your work long before you actually were doing it.

  13. When you are working, it feels effortless. The work is a natural extension of your unique self.

  15. Your work gives you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. You learn things about yourself that you didn’t even know you needed to learn.

  17. When you tell your friends about the work you do, they usually respond by saying, “That sounds exactly like you.”

  19. Your career’s growth will be connected to your spiritual growth and personal relationship with God.

Celebrate Your Success

This month’s tip is to celebrate your success. In coaching high-performing professionals and executives, I have learned that having them acknowledge and celebrate their wins, achievements, successes and progress is easier said than done.

There are two reasons for that. Sometimes, after they have achieved a goal, they want to bypass the celebration stage and immediately go ahead to the next career goal. If they haven’t fully crossed the career goal line that they’ve been working toward, initially acknowledging and celebrating their success is something that they may not value. They may not see the purpose or reason for doing so.

The truth of the matter is that acknowledging and celebrating your successes does not mean that you’re complete and done or that you’ve finished the race. It’s an opportunity to hit the pause button, be more present, and take in all your hard work and effort up to this point. If being more present and taking in all of your hard work and effort isn’t enough motivation for you to celebrate your success, let me give you a few other reasons why it’s so important.

First, celebrating your success is a form of gratitude. It’s a form of acknowledging how God has shown up and shown out in your career, at your job and in your business. Another reason is that celebrating your success is a form of gratitude for the gifts, talents, skills, passions, expertise and experiences, both good and bad, that you’ve been given and how you’ve utilized them.

Celebrating your success is also a great way to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved. Lastly, celebrating your success is a great way to move past setbacks and disappointments. In the process of celebrating your success, you’ll be able to see your disappointments in a different perspective.

This month, I want you to enjoy celebrating your successes. It will not only help you transform your career, it will help you enjoy your life.

Inspirational Insights

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.04.05 AM

3 Networking Beliefs Of High-Achieving Leaders And Visionaries

High-achieving purpose-driven executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners have strong beliefs about networking. Many of them live and work by the saying, “Your network determines your net worth.” They recognize that building meaningful business connections is a part of their job and are excellent at meeting new people, connecting people, collaborating, attending social events, keeping in touch and helping others. There is a lot that we can learn from these individuals, especially three key beliefs that drive their success.

    1. People do business with leaders they like and who can help them achieve the results they want. They know that the know, like, trust factor is always at work. Since research shows it takes at least 6 interactions before someone considers you a friend, they factor this into their networking plan and activities.
    2. People do business with leaders who are clear on who they help and how they help them. They know who their ideal clients and customers are and what their unique value proposition is and communicate this clearly and effectively with those that they met.
    3. People will Google you, before they call you. They know that social media and social selling is not going anywhere. They appreciate that prospects will visit their website and social media sites several times before they ever pick up the phone to book an appointment with them, and they use this to their advantage.

If you’re ready to learn how to grow your business through networking and increase your income by learning how to network effectively, authentically and with integrity, the Master The Art of Networking Home Study Program™ is a comprehensive proven, step-by-step system that can be personalized to you and your unique business needs and goals. Learn more and purchase it here.

Progress, Not Perfection

This month’s tip is progress, not perfection. Achieving a radical career goal, whether that’s changing careers, launching a new business, or increasing your income doing meaningful work that you truly and know you’re meant to do, is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage.

In fact, your courage is what’s going to help you become unstoppable. Your courage is going to help you take consistent action forward. You don’t have to be perfect. In fact, you won’t be perfect. It’s an unrealistic and unattainable goal for measurement. The truth is that striving for perfection will keep you stuck and in bondage.

This perfection mindset will stop you from making progress. It will prevent you from making the phone call, sending the email, hiring the coach, signing up for the course, requesting the meeting, and on and on.

Why? Because you will either be stuck in perfection paralysis or its twin, analysis paralysis. However, when you redirect your focus, attention, energy and time on your progress and consistent movement toward your number one goal, you will succeed.

This month, I want you to focus on your progress. I need you to tell your need to be perfect to take a back seat. I want you to put all of your effort, energy and attention to your progress.

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