Client Testimonials

BobLubotskyThe investment of working with Althea as my executive coach was beyond worthwhile. It was an investment in self and an essential, powerful way to move forward to higher levels of me showing up in my career and life.

I was very stuck before working with Althea. I had energy and ideas that were just wasting away inside. I was going nowhere and bashing myself about it. My biggest career challenges were overcoming my complacency around building professional relationships and verbally expressing myself.

As a result of working with Althea, I have developed a voice that is getting heard. I established many new professional relationships and continue to build trust in them. I now feel self-empowered. My ability to manage the parts of me that had held me back has grown immensely.

Althea is really in-tune. Her feedback was always, and I mean in every way, targeted to what was going on with me. Together, we always got to the heart of the issues that I was struggling with. And it was always in the most supportive way. Through the process, I became far more in touch with myself.

I recommend Althea and the coaching she does without hesitation. It is intense and to the point and has the power to make real differences in how my career and life move forward. It is authentic and it matters.

— Robert Lubotsky, Architecture and Community Builder with Robert Lubotsky Associates, PC

Judi Singleton Photo 2In Althea’s Masterclass, I learned about my strengths and how to work on them. I learned new strategies on transforming and expanding my career that I put into practice. I learned how to create my elevator speech and how to be stronger at networking. I created a monthly plan with year-end goals. All of these exercises strengthened my confidence.

I loved Althea’s enthusiasm, her positive attitude and state of mind. I loved the one-on-one coaching session because Althea is a great listener and incredibly understanding. She is not afraid to ask some difficult questions that cause self-reflection. She is incredibly insightful yet also spiritual at the same time. When I say spiritual – I don’t mean religious. I mean the idea that each of us is on earth for a purpose.

The biggest insight I gained is that career success is not achieved alone but rather with help from others. I also learned that state of mind is incredibly important!

Interacting with others enrolled in the online course serves as a good support system – such as sharing your week’s successes on Facebook with everyone. Participants in the class were always very kind and supportive. The training, feedback, support, documentation, community, and all the course materials were all incredibly valuable and helpful to me.

I now have more courage and am more committed to transforming not only my career, but my life. It’s all interconnected.

— Judith Singleton, Research Consultant

AshelyMcLeanHeadshotBefore enrolling in Althea’s 7-Week Masterclass, I struggled with identifying what I wanted to do. I had great ideas for a side business, but I just needed to make sure that I was doing what I was meant to do. I needed to confirm my purpose-driven work.

At the time I enrolled in the class, I found out that I was expecting our second child. This threw a huge wrench in my mindset and approach to the class. So the idea of using this class to help me transition out of my job, if that were the case, was no longer an option for me.

But through Althea’s course, I was able to change my mindset. I learned that I had options to keep my job, work in my passion, have a side business to grow, and still have time for my family. I so appreciated Althea’s acknowledging that each person’s situation is different. She made the material applicable to each of us.

I learned a lot. In the class, I wrote my vision story, created a plan and began taking steps toward a new, exciting project at work. Plus, I loved that I received a lot of personal attention. The masterclass didn’t feel like a traditional online course. Althea has a great spirit and she is grounded, authentic, and honest.

–Ashley-Lauren McLean, Training & Education Manager

BettinaHeadshot“Since I started working with Althea, I’ve been making real progress with networking and creating partnerships for my business. I’m taking the appropriate certification classes to become more qualified in my field. I joined a professional organization, launched my first workshop, and landed my first paying client!!!”

Before enrolling in the 7-Week Masterclass, I was having difficulty taking action in achieving my dreams. I needed help prioritizing tasks between my entrepreneur business and my 9-to-5 job, but I didn’t have a lot of time. Althea helped me see that there is always time for what I NEED to do, in order to realize my dreams, my passion, and cultivate my gift from God.

Althea is a natural-born encourager and motivator. She helps you put things in perspective and is, in every sense of the word, a coach. She doesn’t tell you what to do – she guides you through determining answers, then she encourages you through your process. I feel much more confident in my abilities.

You may not think you need someone like Althea, but everyone needs a coach to advance to their highest potential. Althea is great at her job. If you are open and dedicated, she will move you to the next level of your career.

— Bettina Y. Marshall, Founder & President of Write Resume Inc.

Before enrolling in the Transform Your Career Full-Day Intensive, I was ready to quit my job of 11 years because I was dissatisfied and ready to start the journey of entrepreneurship. I knew I needed to change but I was unsure of and lacked clarity around my next steps. I hadn’t taken any action yet. Beyond my uncertainty, I struggled with fear that held me back from change.

While attending Althea’s Intensive, I learned so much! I gained further insight into the type of work that I enjoy doing and how that can apply to my new career path. By doing a deeper dive into understanding my innate skills and unique strengths, I was able to close in on my core values and strengths and tie them into my business.

The biggest insight I gleaned from my one-on-one coaching with Althea was that in order to be successful, I need to continue to have a mindset shift. I need to wholeheartedly believe in myself, my dreams and my goals. I need to continue to conquer my fears by speaking them and replacing them with positive affirmations to encourage me on my entrepreneurial journey.

I quit my job shortly before attending Althea’s retreat, but as a result of attending the intensive I know now for sure that decision was the best one. I am now armed with knowledge and insight on my innate skills that will propel my entrepreneurial journey.

Althea’s Intensive was organized with an agenda, exercises, breaks and sessions that forced me to dig deeper. Althea has great insight and an amazing ability to connect with people. She was able to sense when topics came up that made me uncomfortable and was able to coach me in that moment to help me achieve breakthrough in my life.

I have continued to work privately with Althea after the Intensive ended because I wanted to continue to do the work and follow through on the exercises and key parts of the Intensive that I know will help me achieve success. Three of the major benefits I received from the Intensive were achieving a breakthrough in my life, being able to determine the best path for my career, and being able to uncover my God-given purpose.

Would I recommend working with Althea? Yes! She is personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable in helping people uncover their purpose and help them create their ideal career.

Toya Nicole
Speaker, Writer & Branding Strategist

I am fiercely independent – I have a hard time asking for help. I had begun my career change a year before I got in touch with Althea. But, I felt that I had hit a wall. I had run out of hope and determination. I felt like quitting everything. I needed help.

If I had given in to my despairing attitude, I wouldn’t have given myself the chance to try something new. I wouldn’t have enrolled in Althea’s course. But signing up for Althea’s course was the best decision I could have made for myself! This opportunity came at exactly the right time.

Althea taught me how to let go of my fear. I found the strength to make my career dreams happen. With her guidance, I can envision a future for myself that really fits my career goals. I can move toward my future on a daily basis. She helped me be honest with myself about my strengths and passions, what I love to do, and what drains me.

I highly recommend working with Althea. Don’t go it alone. Let Althea guide you on your journey to a truer, more fulfilling career.

Jessica Butterfield
EMT-B, Paramedic Student (Former Attorney)

Because of my work with Althea, I was able to proceed toward the actual career and LIFE I want and dream of having for myself. With her support and guidance, I launched my own business doing higher-level and more meaningful work that is aligned with my innate gifts and authentic self. Additionally I obtained a professional certification. As a result of this, my income jumped by about $35,000.

I recommend Althea’s coaching! Many professionals do not get training and advice on how to get from A to B. We believe there is only one way to get to the top: it just takes years of hard work and not being appreciated. But Althea gives you the tools and strategies to break out of your comfort zone and develop your own path. The direction and focus Althea created was vitally important to me. I have a lot of goals and didn’t know how to get to them directly. Althea helped me put a plan of action together. Plus, she helped me gain clarity on my goals, increase my motivation, and decrease my stress. Althea’s also a great role model – look at what she has done for her own career!”

–Sirobe Carstafhnur
Architect/Urban Planner

Jantina Anderson

I hired Althea to determine what type of career would bring together my innate gifts, talents, values, and passions and decipher between things that I enjoy versus true career interests. As a result of working with Althea I discovered that the field of urban education brought those all together. I’m now in the process of changing careers from corporate human resources to urban education.

There were three truly significant things I learned through my work with Althea. First, I gained clarity around who I am: what are my strengths, talents, gifts, enjoyment, etc. Second, I learned how to explore a holistic life approach, meaning that you focus on your career but you will also improve other aspects of your life as a result. Finally, I really benefited from the longevity of these approaches – you will be able to apply many of the things discussed and assigned long after your sessions with Althea. We were also able to improve my ability to network, which is a huge achievement!!!

I enjoyed Althea’s approach of using more than common assessments to determine my interests and values. I also appreciate her holistic approach. While determining next career steps, she taught me how to reflect on what is “working” for me, and which methods were not effective. Additionally, she taught me how important it is to ground yourself with routine exercises in things that bring you joy. Finally, she helped me identify my overly critical voice and calm it.

I highly recommend Althea’s work. Her approach is unique and uncovers the truths of an individual. You are not able to hide behind what is politically correct or socially acceptable. You will learn what is truly best for you. You will learn what your gifts and talents are and how to use them in a way that aligns with your values. You will become more aware and aligned with the true you.

Althea is a gifted coach. You will experience moments of uncomfortable growth but also soul stirring clarity. If you want to truly understand your gifts, talents and values, and how to use those in a way that provides continuous fulfillment, contact Althea.

I received my acceptance letter from the Urban Education Studies PhD program and immediately accepted. I also landed a new, higher-paying job and increased my income by 18%. God is AMAZING! Thank you for being so instrumental in my journey.

–Jantina Anderson
Human Resources Leader

Alex Harvey“As a result of working with Althea, I achieved fulfillment and growth.  Finding a place in my work life where my work matched my DNA has led to a very fulfilling career.  I needed to work at it but the effort has paid off.

Fulfillment has also led to growth and created opportunities that would have been difficult to achieve.  Success breeds success. My financial income has increased in the tens of thousands, my value income and career satisfaction income has increased immeasurably.

It is great to have one person in your professional life that always has your best career interests in mind.  Someone who eventually knows you better than you know yourself and brings out the best in you.  Certainly friends, coworkers, spouses can also support your career interests.  However, it takes a true professional like Althea to truly understand all dimensions of balancing work and life while finding what is unique and special about what you do and how you do it.

Althea is that person for me. She keeps me focused, on task and accountable for results in my career.

I recommend Althea’s work because she is awesome!  If you are coachable, then there is no one better.  I have spoken to many people who have experienced professional career coaching and their experiences do not even come close to what I have personally experienced. I hope to continue working with Althea!”

–Alex Harvey
Supply Chain / Engineering / Operations Professional

Matt Allison“I had not worked with a coach before. I had pigeon-holed myself into these two or three different roads that I could pursue, and I was really having a hard time sorting through it on my own. Althea broadened that quite a bit. I found that very useful. The visioning work that we did initially was the biggest single thing that changed my perspective.

During that part, I threw out all of my pre-conceived notions. She said, “If you had to start with a clean sheet knowing what you know now, what are the kinds of things that interest you?” From there it was, “How do you make that into what your life is?” Now, I have a career path that I’m excited about and the ability to have more fun doing what I’m doing every day.

There were also side effects on my home life. I think that your work life really rubs off on your home life. It made me happier at home, which made the home environment better.”

–Matt Allison
Self-employed Option Trader (Former Corporate VP of Engineering)

Eric Hill“I would highly recommend Althea as a coach. It’s been truly wonderful for me. People have no idea – life is good!

Before I hired Althea as a coach, I found myself in a daily grind doing work that I wasn’t happy doing. I thought I was stuck and that I had to just suck it up and deal with it. I hadn’t thought of the idea that I could actually get out of it. Althea got me to focus better. She allowed me to see some possibilities and had me ask myself some tough questions. The biggest thing that Althea did for me was to make me realize that my situation is what I make it.

Working with Althea never felt clinical or like an obligation. It felt very comfortable, casual, and conducive to getting things done. I would not have done what I’m doing had I not hired Althea.”

–Eric Hill
Independent Music Professional (Former Corporate Professional)

“The first time I met with Althea, there were three major things that I wanted. I wanted a house. I wanted a husband. I wanted to go to law school. It was Rhonda’s American dream!

I felt that my life was at a standstill through most of my twenties. When I met with Althea, it was like everything sped up. It was like cruising with no foot on the gas to having a foot slammed on the gas! I truly believe that once you get very clear about what you want and strip everything down to its bare essence and decide, “This is what I want,” all of a sudden the universe opens up. Things start falling out of the sky.

Although it’s ultimately for your own good, you don’t want to sit on the phone with someone and say, ‘I didn’t do this.’ Then you give a bunch of excuses that you know are lame. I can’t do that. Now, I can say, ‘I did this. What’s next?’ For the first time in my life I didn’t have to drive the bus and worry about the route, too. All I had to do was to make sure that there was gas in the bus.”

–Rhonda Briggs
Attorney (Former Corporate Human Resources Professional)

Alfreda McCray“The thing that I’m most grateful for is allowing my spirituality to show up more and for coaching me from a spiritual perspective. It’s such an integral part of my life.

Althea gave me an opportunity to make decisions based on what my spirit is telling me. Thinking is good, but the intuitive part of the reasoning process is important also. I was making decisions on what I thought sounded like a good idea, but it really didn’t feel good to my spirit. Being able to identify with what my spirit is telling me and to surrender and go with that is a very powerful thing.”

–Alfreda McCray

“I really appreciated having Althea as my Executive Coach. Althea’s support in helping me create new success, have more fun at work, and have a more balanced lifestyle was invaluable. I love her holistic coaching process and that she focused on how I wanted to succeed at work and with my team.

I developed a deeper trust in and use of my intuition. It helped how I lead my team, addressed work challenges, and lived my life. Her approach of providing different perspectives and feedback on the challenges I faced was extremely helpful.”

–Anne Allison
Senior Director Human Resources

“I’ve learned how to rationally and effectively think long term and maintain a positive mindset, which has helped me attract more opportunities and unexpected support from other experienced professionals in my field. I no longer feel stuck. I now know my worth and no longer second-guess myself. I’m much more liberated knowing that I have several different options within my field of linguistic anthropology. Althea showed me how to remain focused, acknowledge my strengths, and see other options and help available to me that were not necessarily obvious. I am grateful to have been able to discover and learn about myself and pave the path for my success moving forward.”

–Adewole Falade
French Translator

“Althea’s knowledge, high energy, and commitment to a client’s success are admirable skills. She consistently helped me see the possibilities and opportunities through challenging career circumstances. Her genuine personality and caring attitude made all our coaching conversations very refreshing and fulfilling.”

–Cesar A. Lostaunau
IT Project Manager

“Each year I start out making my Vision Board with the very best of intentions. I gather lots of ideas and images and organize them in what I believe will be a good path for the year. This year, however, I shared my Vision Board with Althea at the beginning of my coaching session – and wow! Althea helped me focus on what was important and to streamline my thoughts in order to be very purposeful. Of all the years I’ve been making Vision Boards, this was the first year that I’ve had 98% success in my professional and personal paths. Althea is a truly gifted coach: she’s honest, focused, clear, and a true partner.”

–Melody Waller
Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communications Professional

“The work I did in the 21-Day Virtual Seminar taught me how to find a job that passed my gut-check, not just a mental checklist. Thanks to Althea, I have found something that fits my personality, not just my skill set.”


–Leslie Engel
Associate Director

Maia Surace“After years of working as a freelance opera singer, performing in Italy, New York, Cincinnati and Chicago I felt like my career had no real direction. I was broke, in debt, and considering leaving music all together.

Even though I had earned three advanced performance degrees in piano and voice and come from a family of musicians, I’d lost sight of what my talents were. I eventually took a job as a dental assistant where I was working a lot, feeling unappreciated and exhausted.

I hired Althea because I was so frustrated and confused about my career. Deep down I knew I was born to be a musician. I wanted to find work where I naturally excelled, but also that would bring me financial stability and give my life more balance.

I needed help figuring it out. I wanted guidance and an unbiased sounding board. Althea was genuinely interested in my success. Her coaching helped me stand up for myself, get paid what I’m worth, and focus on work that I was passionate about.

I’m now employed full-time with the Chicago Lyric Opera chorus and work as a professional chorus member with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

My summers are free to travel, have adventures, and sing in other operas. It was exactly what I had visualized with Althea: a career that is stable, adventurous, financially rewarding, provides benefits, and a level of security. I’m back on stage singing and I love it!”

–Maia Surace
Professional Opera Singer

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