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You’re on a mission with a big message to share through your business.

You enjoy taking action, getting outside of your comfort zone and being held accountable.

You want to make more money in your business serving the clients God created you to share.

You’re frustrated because you keep attracting people who say they can’t afford your fees?

You’re spinning your wheels trying to figure things out on your own but you’re not making progress and are just wasting time.

You’re also struggle with overthinking, second-guessing and self-doubt.

You know now is YOUR time to RISE and manifest God’s will in your life and business.

If you’re ready to stop playing it safe and are ready to uplevel your business, reach your ideals clients and achieve consistency in your income by working with a Business Coach & Mentor, you’ve arrived to the right place.

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 “Althea digs deep to help you clearly define your business, ideal client and revenue goals. She uncovers the gap in your processes, reinforces a money mindset, and works with you to create an achievable plan of action.”

Necie Black, Relational Strategist of Lyfe Smarts LLC


    How to Trust God in Your Business




  • Spirit Led Business Retreat

  • Spirit Led Business Retreat