Vent With Purpose

This month’s tip is to vent with a purpose. As you take consistent, forward movement toward growing in your career and achieving your number one career goal, you’ll find, at times, you’re going to need to vent. While I find venting from time to time necessary, I find venting with a purpose as a powerful and effective strategy to bring forth career transformation and lasting change.

When you vent with a purpose, it means that you’re not ranting, raving and complaining for hours, weeks and months on end. Instead, you are expressing your real feelings so that you can get to the heart of the matter. You can really identify the source of your frustration and pain, so that you can then effectively address the issue. That’s venting with a purpose.

Here are three tips to help you. I also refer to venting with a purpose as venting with a plan. Tip number one is to give yourself full permission to express your true emotions. Allow yourself to really express how you feel. When you vent, you are giving voice to your emotions rather than keeping them bottled up inside. When your emotions are bottled up inside, it creates internal stress and tension, which will negatively impact your ability to make sound and clear decisions. First, you have to give yourself full permission to express your true emotions and how you really feel.

Tip number two is to choose the right person to vent with. It should be with a trusted member of your professional network who knows you well. Preferably, it should be with someone who is forward thinking. They have a positive mindset and can help you effectively address your frustrations.

Tip number three is, before you begin to vent, give the person you’re venting with a heads up. You can let them know, “I’m going to vent first. I need you to hear me out. Then we can come up with solutions. I’ll take your advice, recommendations and feedback on solutions to address my issue.”

This month, when you experience a career challenge where you need to vent, be mindful and intentional, and choose to vent with a purpose.



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