Play A Bigger Game

This month’s tip is to play a bigger game in your career. It’s time to stop thinking and playing small at work, in your job, your business and your career. Now is the time for you to take bold and authentic steps forward to achieve the career goals that you truly want. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month and definitely not next year. Now is the time. The area that I want you to focus on with playing a bigger game is in sharing your career successes.

One of the most common ways that I see my new private coaching clients who are high-performing professionals and executives sabotage their success is keeping their huge career achievements a secret. Because they’re prone to play it safe in managing their career and tend to shy away from standing out and being their most authentic self at work, they don’t know how to effectively toot their own horn.

What happens is that they become the best-kept secret. Not enough people know the tremendous gifts, talents, expertise, experiences and career passions that they bring to every client, customer, project, team and organization. The truth is that they themselves are not fully aware of the positive impact that they have on others and the high-level results they help others achieve.

Because they don’t share their achievements and successes effectively, they don’t attract the ideal positions, projects, clients or customers that would help them easily increase their income doing meaningful work that they truly love and know they’re meant to do.

I don’t want you to be the best-kept secret. I want others to know the successes that you achieve. Here are two tips that will help you to play a bigger game and share your successes.

Tip number one is to spend five minutes writing down your career achievements over the past 90 days. Write down the big ones. Maybe you landed a new high-paying client. You finally figured out the direction you want to take your career and the new career you’re going to pursue. Maybe it’s the recent promotion and significant increase in pay that you’ve recently achieved.

Also write down the achievements you might deem as small. Maybe that’s completing your LinkedIn profile, picture and all. Maybe it’s setting better boundaries at work. Maybe it’s that you’ve reignited your networking efforts and have fallen back in love again with networking. Spend five minutes jotting down your career achievements.

Tip number two is to share these achievements with others. You’ve written them down. They’re fresh in your mind. If you’re at a networking event, weave into the conversation a recent success that you’re really excited and proud about. When you’re catching up with friends, colleagues or strategic partners, weave in a career success that you’re really excited and proud about. Of course, utilize your social networks to do the same.

This month, have fun playing a bigger game in your career.



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