Progress, Not Perfection

This month’s tip is progress, not perfection. Achieving a radical career goal, whether that’s changing careers, launching a new business, or increasing your income doing meaningful work that you truly and know you’re meant to do, is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage.

In fact, your courage is what’s going to help you become unstoppable. Your courage is going to help you take consistent action forward. You don’t have to be perfect. In fact, you won’t be perfect. It’s an unrealistic and unattainable goal for measurement. The truth is that striving for perfection will keep you stuck and in bondage.

This perfection mindset will stop you from making progress. It will prevent you from making the phone call, sending the email, hiring the coach, signing up for the course, requesting the meeting, and on and on.

Why? Because you will either be stuck in perfection paralysis or its twin, analysis paralysis. However, when you redirect your focus, attention, energy and time on your progress and consistent movement toward your number one goal, you will succeed.

This month, I want you to focus on your progress. I need you to tell your need to be perfect to take a back seat. I want you to put all of your effort, energy and attention to your progress.



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