3 Networking Beliefs Of High-Achieving Leaders And Visionaries

High-achieving purpose-driven executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners have strong beliefs about networking. Many of them live and work by the saying, “Your network determines your net worth.” They recognize that building meaningful business connections is a part of their job and are excellent at meeting new people, connecting people, collaborating, attending social events, keeping in touch and helping others. There is a lot that we can learn from these individuals, especially three key beliefs that drive their success.

    1. People do business with leaders they like and who can help them achieve the results they want. They know that the know, like, trust factor is always at work. Since research shows it takes at least 6 interactions before someone considers you a friend, they factor this into their networking plan and activities.
    2. People do business with leaders who are clear on who they help and how they help them. They know who their ideal clients and customers are and what their unique value proposition is and communicate this clearly and effectively with those that they met.
    3. People will Google you, before they call you. They know that social media and social selling is not going anywhere. They appreciate that prospects will visit their website and social media sites several times before they ever pick up the phone to book an appointment with them, and they use this to their advantage.

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