Celebrate Your Success

This month’s tip is to celebrate your success. In coaching high-performing professionals and executives, I have learned that having them acknowledge and celebrate their wins, achievements, successes and progress is easier said than done.

There are two reasons for that. Sometimes, after they have achieved a goal, they want to bypass the celebration stage and immediately go ahead to the next career goal. If they haven’t fully crossed the career goal line that they’ve been working toward, initially acknowledging and celebrating their success is something that they may not value. They may not see the purpose or reason for doing so.

The truth of the matter is that acknowledging and celebrating your successes does not mean that you’re complete and done or that you’ve finished the race. It’s an opportunity to hit the pause button, be more present, and take in all your hard work and effort up to this point. If being more present and taking in all of your hard work and effort isn’t enough motivation for you to celebrate your success, let me give you a few other reasons why it’s so important.

First, celebrating your success is a form of gratitude. It’s a form of acknowledging how God has shown up and shown out in your career, at your job and in your business. Another reason is that celebrating your success is a form of gratitude for the gifts, talents, skills, passions, expertise and experiences, both good and bad, that you’ve been given and how you’ve utilized them.

Celebrating your success is also a great way to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved. Lastly, celebrating your success is a great way to move past setbacks and disappointments. In the process of celebrating your success, you’ll be able to see your disappointments in a different perspective.

This month, I want you to enjoy celebrating your successes. It will not only help you transform your career, it will help you enjoy your life.



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