10 Key Characteristics Of A Purpose-Driven Career

Navigating a significant career move in today’s world of work is challenging and is definitely not linear or straightforward. Each leader’s journey to their ideal career path or position is unique.

Whether you are making a transition within your current field, transitioning into a freelancer or consultant position, completely changing careers, moving into the non-for-profit arena, or launching a new business because you are driven to do meaningful work you love, we all can appreciate a sense that we are on the right path to our ideal position or career path.

Here are 10 key characteristics of a purpose-driven career to help you along the way.

  1. You experience a sense of peace, happiness, meaning and purpose in what you do. You know that you are here to do this work. Your career will be your calling.

  3. You love talking, reading and attending workshops (classes, lectures, seminars, conferences) about your work and your field. Your bookshelf is full of books on the field.

  5. You feel innately connected to others in your field. They are members of your tribe. You like being in their company.

  7. You lose yourself in your work. Time slips by. Retiring from it seems ridiculous. Working on the weekends doesn’t feel like work.

  9. Friends and family members seek your opinion and advice on the subject long before you’ve begun getting paid for your services, products or expertise.

  11. As you reflect over your life, you see the path that brought you to your ideal purpose-driven career. You’ve desired, envisioned and wrote about your work long before you actually were doing it.

  13. When you are working, it feels effortless. The work is a natural extension of your unique self.

  15. Your work gives you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. You learn things about yourself that you didn’t even know you needed to learn.

  17. When you tell your friends about the work you do, they usually respond by saying, “That sounds exactly like you.”

  19. Your career’s growth will be connected to your spiritual growth and personal relationship with God.



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