3 Top Barriers That Prevent Leaders From Saying No

Saying no is a leadership dilemma that each executive, entrepreneur, small business owner and career professional faces. For many purpose-driven leaders who are naturally wired to be other focused, saying no is counterintuitive. For everyone, this skill is still challenging to master. Nonetheless, it’s a critical skill that all professionals must learn and develop if they are serious about growing in their leadership and increasing their income doing meaningful work they love. And to do so, the first step is to understand why leaders struggle with saying no.

Here are the 3 top barriers that prevent leaders from saying no:

  1. The leader wants to be liked and appreciated and will not say no if it requires them to be the bearer of bad, yet truthful news. High-performing purpose-driven leaders understand their true value and worth and do not base their actions on external praise or appreciation.
  1. The leader wants to “save the day” and, in doing so, will not say no if it requires them to be the bearer of bad, yet truthful news. Effective leaders know that they are not in the saving business. They are here to serve their clients, customers and team members, which at times means telling them the hard honest truth in love.
  1. The leader feels like they don’t have a choice to say no, because they have not learned how to say no from a place of power and positivity. So more often than not, they find themselves saying, “yes”, when their intuition is shouting from them to say, “No.” or “Let me think about it.” And because they have not learned how to set boundaries and say no effectively, when they do say no it tends to be out of anger and frustration, which results in them being hard on the person instead of being hard on the issue.




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