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5 Reasons To Gain Clarity On Your Strengths

One of the biggest challenges that purpose-driven leaders and visionaries struggle with is being able to accurately see themselves for who they truly are. This lack of clarity and confidence negatively impacts their ability to be paid well for the purpose-driven work they were created to do. While the process of gaining clarity on your […]

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Coach

The decision to hire an executive coach is often prompted because you are ready to get to your next level of career or business success and have acknowledged that if you could have figured it out on your own by now, you would have. There are several excellent reasons why you should hire a professional […]

3 Top Barriers That Prevent Leaders From Saying No

Saying no is a leadership dilemma that each executive, entrepreneur, small business owner and career professional faces. For many purpose-driven leaders who are naturally wired to be other focused, saying no is counterintuitive. For everyone, this skill is still challenging to master. Nonetheless, it’s a critical skill that all professionals must learn and develop if […]

10 Key Characteristics Of A Purpose-Driven Career

Navigating a significant career move in today’s world of work is challenging and is definitely not linear or straightforward. Each leader’s journey to their ideal career path or position is unique. Whether you are making a transition within your current field, transitioning into a freelancer or consultant position, completely changing careers, moving into the non-for-profit […]

Celebrate Your Success

This month’s tip is to celebrate your success. In coaching high-performing professionals and executives, I have learned that having them acknowledge and celebrate their wins, achievements, successes and progress is easier said than done. There are two reasons for that. Sometimes, after they have achieved a goal, they want to bypass the celebration stage and […]

3 Networking Beliefs Of High-Achieving Leaders And Visionaries

High-achieving purpose-driven executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners have strong beliefs about networking. Many of them live and work by the saying, “Your network determines your net worth.” They recognize that building meaningful business connections is a part of their job and are excellent at meeting new people, connecting people, collaborating, attending social events, keeping […]

Progress, Not Perfection

This month’s tip is progress, not perfection. Achieving a radical career goal, whether that’s changing careers, launching a new business, or increasing your income doing meaningful work that you truly and know you’re meant to do, is not for the faint of heart. It requires courage. In fact, your courage is what’s going to help […]

Play A Bigger Game

This month’s tip is to play a bigger game in your career. It’s time to stop thinking and playing small at work, in your job, your business and your career. Now is the time for you to take bold and authentic steps forward to achieve the career goals that you truly want. Not tomorrow, not […]

Inspirational Insights

3 Mindsets That Hinder Leaders From Achieving Their Next Level Of Success

You’re a well-educated, seasoned professional with a solid track record of delivering high-level results in your field. You’ve set and broken records and have been recognized for your work. However, you’re spinning in circles trying to get to your next level of success. You’re secretly struggling and completely frustrated because the strategies that once worked […]