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where is God in your plan?

Does your 2016 Business or Career Plan reflect God’s Purpose, Plan, and Vision for Your Life? Are you ready to trust and honor your God-given gifts, dreams, and purpose? Is it time to stop expending all of your time and energy at work or putting everyone else’s needs before your own? What difference would it […]

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Coach

The decision to hire an executive coach is often prompted because you are ready to get to your next level of career or business success and have acknowledged that if you could have figured it out on your own by now, you would have. There are several excellent reasons why you should hire a professional […]

3 Top Barriers That Prevent Leaders From Saying No

Saying no is a leadership dilemma that each executive, entrepreneur, small business owner and career professional faces. For many purpose-driven leaders who are naturally wired to be other focused, saying no is counterintuitive. For everyone, this skill is still challenging to master. Nonetheless, it’s a critical skill that all professionals must learn and develop if […]

3 Networking Beliefs Of High-Achieving Leaders And Visionaries

High-achieving purpose-driven executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners have strong beliefs about networking. Many of them live and work by the saying, “Your network determines your net worth.” They recognize that building meaningful business connections is a part of their job and are excellent at meeting new people, connecting people, collaborating, attending social events, keeping […]

4 Strategies To Grow As A Purpose-Driven Leader

Do you have a solid track record of delivering results individually, but now desire to improve how you achieve results through others? Are you struggling with letting go of the skills and strategies that once worked for you in your career or business, but are no longer working to get you to your next level […]