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How to Stand Out to Your Ideal Prospects {VIDEO}

Nurture Your Network

This month’s tip is on nurturing your network. On our own and by ourselves, we cannot overcome the challenges we face at work and in our careers and achieve our current career goals. We all need support. We all need help to achieve what we want to experience in our careers in the short term […]

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You know that networking is an essential building block to growing your business, expanding your community of referral sources, clients, customers, employees, joint-venture partners, investors, and more. Yet many people find networking to be stressful, unpleasant, or awkward, so they avoid it like the plague. But I can help you connect with the people who […]

Free Teleseminar: Boost Your Success With Empowering Career Management Strategies

Join me next Tuesday, March 26 at 12noon Central (1pm Eastern) for a free live teleseminar and learn the skills, strategies and mindset strategies to thrive in any economy. Click here now for details and to sign up. Whether you’re a thriving independent consultant, a successful business owner or a high-performing corporate professional, what I […]

Video: When to Ask “The Choir” to Sing Your Praises

Video: Why You Need a Professional Profile Picture for LinkedIn

Attract The Work You Want

Throughout your career as an executive, entrepreneur or creative professional you will have to write compelling career documents that highlight your gifts, strengths and experience. Regardless if it’s your resume, CV, professional bio, proposal, pitch or executive summary, you want to write from your power, purpose and soul. You want each of these key career […]

Ditch Your Resume And Reenergize Yourself First

You know you need to work on your resume, CV, professional bio, proposal and/or pitch, but you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps. Truth be told, just thinking about working on this critical marketing and personal branding document has you filled with anger, resentment, fear and worry sprinkled with a dose of depression. You […]

10 Easy LinkedIn Power Strategies

You have unlimited choices in how you invest in your career’s growth and success. You don’t have to suffer silently working yourself to the bone or mindlessly jumping from job to job without a clear plan or direction. You’ve survived and suffered through enough layoffs, watched your peers surpass you long enough and have experienced […]

Before You Write Your Resume Part 1

Whenever it’s time to sit down and write your resume, it can feel like a huge burden – especially if you haven’t written one in 5, 10 or 15+ years. The thought alone can lead to an anxiety attack or a mountain of stress. You know the worst time to begin writing your resume is […]