Client Testimonials

“Enrolling in Althea’s program is one of the best investments I have ever made in life, not just professionally. I landed an EXTRA $15,000 per month with two new clients I signed.”

“Before working with Althea, I was really challenged with picking and articulating my ideal target client. I felt stuck and frustrated.

I subconsciously knew what I wanted to do, but I was fearful about moving in that direction.

I also struggled with how to scale my business in the most efficient way and how to command more value for my work.   

Althea’s specialty is in helping you to scale your business, but her skills go far beyond this to building your confidence, getting you to focus, tapping into your intuition, and much more! She really helped me to shift my mindset

She has great intuition about what each client needs and she has no problem bringing that to the forefront so you can learn and grow.

Thanks to me doing the work each week, I landed an extra $15,000 per month with the two clients I signed.

If you follow Althea’s methodologies, you will more than earn the money it took to invest in working with her.”

– Farrah Holder, President ThinkNXT Marketing

“Althea digs deep to help you clearly define your business, ideal client and revenue goals. She uncovers the gap in your processes, reinforces a money mindset, and works with you to create an achievable plan of action.”

“My ideal client changed since starting my business, so the biggest business challenge before my Private Spirit-Led VIP Day was honing in on who my ideal client was.

I also struggled with generating little income and felt fear and frustration around my ability to shift the business and reimagine my client; so I procrastinated when I could not see a clear path forward.

After my Private Spirit-Led VIP Day, I feel much better about my business. Being able to talk out the who, what, where and how of my ideal client was huge! What I envision moving forward is clear and doable.

Althea is an amazing Coach with a direct, patient and effective way of getting to the root of your stagnation; results without the overwhelm. If you’re hesitant to work with her, don’t waste another moment! ”

– Necie Black, Founder and CEO of  Lyfe Smarts LLC

“I was able to quit my job, start a new business doing something I was passionate about, sell that business for $1.31 million, and start yet another business.” 

“I first learned about Althea when I was working as a vice president of marketing. I was unhappy in my position and had big entrepreneurial dreams with little idea of how to get there.

Althea coached me through a self-discovery process geared toward overcoming repetitive obstacles, articulating the work I want to do, and finding ways to set and accomplish new goals in a healthy way. The process wasn’t easy; but it was worthwhile.

I am happy and fulfilled professionally, am invited to speak at conferences throughout both the U.S. and Europe, and am considered a thought leader in the industry that I love.

The insight and skills I learned from Althea changed my life. I am happier, wealthier, more productive, and more insightful as a direct result of working with Althea.”

– Amy Hinote, Founder and CEO VRMintel

“Within 30 days of my Private Spirit-Led VIP Day I landed 5 brand new clients and within 60 days I enrolled my first paid in full 5k+ client.” 

“I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Althea in a Private Spirit-Led VIP Day! She really helped me focus, drill down into my business ideas and pick apart things into salient, manageable pieces.

She helped me identify some gaps in my business – where I was leaving money on the table – and helped me create a concrete plan for the next 90-days.

One of the things I love about working with Althea is she keeps everything honest and transparent – she stays with you in the moment, pushes you to your comfort zone and helps you see the possibilities beyond that.

If you’re a Christ-Centered female entrepreneur looking to uplevel in your business, look no further. Get started right away. Your business and more importantly, your profits and bottom line will thank you.”

– Dortha Hise, Chief Overwhelm Eliminator Pretty Smart Virtual Services

“Working with Althea, really change the trajectory of my business. I was able to land my first paid in full 4-figure client. I learned how to ask God for direction, be Spirit-Led by the Lord, do what he tells me to do.”

“Before my Private Spirit-Led VIP Day I felt stuck and frustrated in my ministry business. My biggest challenge was not knowing my ideal client. I also struggled with my mindset and marketing.

What I love most about my coaching and mentoring with Althea is that she loves Jesus, her authenticity and attention to detail.

She made me feel like I was important, special and loved and customized the retreat just for me.”

She created an atmosphere of comfort and I left with an action plan personally tailored to my ministry business.”

– Nicole “Nikki” West, Founder & CEO of Why I Move Liturgical Dance

I was able to obtain & retain MORE clients than I had in the year prior.”

“The biggest challenges I had before working with Althea was finding my ideal client and getting my ideal client to book my services. I was stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, lost, and confused.

Each time I thought I had it, I realized I didn’t and it was frustrating to know that I had great products and great services, but the customers were just not biting. I was all over the place with my hands in more pots than needed.

Althea has an amazing way to ask questions that make you think and prompt you to get to the truth of the situation.

As a result, I was able to obtain and retain more clients than I had in the year prior. I also found my ideal client and was able to begin marketing directly to them. Because of this I am becoming a subject matter expert. I love my business now and I look forward to finding new ways to get more clients.

If you want growth in your business, Althea will help you secure your ideal client and get more money in your pocket.”

Liela Marie Fuller, Founder & CEO Heavenly Help Computer Solutions and Jadora’s Child Publishing

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