The Career Transformation System

Are you ready to transform your career by investing in yourself?

Learn to create financial success while having a meaningful career that fulfills you.

There’s no doubt that you’ve arrived at this page because you are very accomplished in your career and have an incredibly successful career track record. You’re a seasoned professional, executive, entrepreneur or small business owner with significant experience, talent, skills and career passions, but you feel stuck, bored, and frustrated in your current position. You’re ready to make a significant career move, but you aren’t quite sure what you need to do to make it happen.

Perhaps you want to change careers, change jobs, move into the not-for-profit area, become a freelance employee, launch your own business, or return to a 9 to 5. You want to transition into your ideal career path or position that brings together your strengths, core values, expertise, and career passions, but to get there, you need a proven, step-by-step system that is a personalized blueprint just for you and your unique situation and needs.  

I have that system.

Perhaps you’re in the midst of your significant career move and have gotten stuck and are not quite sure how to get back on track. Or maybe, you’re hesitant to take any real action yet because you are not clear of where to begin. Or maybe, you are in the beginning stages of planning your next career move or retirement two to three years out and want to make sure you have the information you need to make a successful transition. If any of these situations apply to you, this system is for you.

If you’re looking to transform your career into meaningful work you are passionate about – this system is for you.

In this 7-module system, you will learn how to:

  • Find the time and energy to plan out your next career move
  • Gain clarity of your ideal career path or position
  • Discover your innate gifts and talents
  • Narrow down and prioritize your goals
  • Design an effective personalized career blueprint
  • Overcome the fears and doubts that are holding you back
  • And much more


Matt Allison“I now have a new career that I’m excited about and the ability to have more fun doing what I’m doing every day.”

“Before working with Althea, I had pigeon-holed myself into two or three different career paths that I could pursue, and I was really having a hard time sorting through it on my own. Althea broadened that quite a bit. The visioning work we did initially was the biggest single thing that changed my perspective.”

Matt Allison
Self-employed Option Trader

The truth is that no matter how easy career transitions may look, or how naturally smart and successful you are, making a significant transition requires clarity, strategy, concrete planning and a solid understanding of the stages. Anyone who has undergone this process will tell you that it is not a linear or straight-forward process. It requires a tremendous amount of focus, faith, energy and commitment to gain clarity on your goals, talents and skills, and to create a consistent work plan to make the transition to your ideal career path successful.

You will learn proven strategies to discover your strengths, clarify your vision of success, and map out your personalized blueprint. You will stop feeling frustrated and disappointed and stop wasting your time, talents and leadership skills in a career that remains stagnant and where your job dissatisfaction will eventually sabotage your future success.

The tools, strategies and information will launch you on the path to increase your income, level of fulfillment, success, happiness and equip you with lifelong critical career transitions and leadership skills.

I know you can do it because I have been where you are right now. I made that investment in myself. I found fulfillment and success when I left my former corporate career and discovered my ideal career. From my own experience and knowledge, I can teach you exactly what to do and what to avoid.

The information you’ll receive are the exact strategies that I’ve shared with hundreds of my clients and students that have helped them achieve their career goals more quickly and efficiently than they would have on their own.

In this comprehensive system you will be given the tools, strategies and motivation that will empower you to break past the fears that are holding you back and begin making significant progress forward.

Jantina Anderson“I hired Althea to determine what type of career would bring together my innate gifts, talents, values and passions and decipher between things that I enjoy versus true career interests.”

“Althea is a gifted coach. As a result of working with Althea I discovered that the field of urban education brought those all together. I received my acceptance letter from the Urban Education Studies PhD program and immediately accepted! I’m now in the process of changing careers from corporate human resources to urban education. Through my work with Althea, I gained clarity around who I am: my strengths, talents, gifts, enjoyment. We were also able to improve my ability to network, which is a huge achievement!!! She helped me identify my overly critical voice and calm it. I also landed a new higher-pay job and increased my income by 18%.”

Jantina Anderson
Corporate Executive


  • You are thinking about making a significant career move and want to acquire proven tools, strategies, and expert resources before you get started.
  • You are in the beginning stages of making a significant career move, are feeling overwhelmed and unclear about where to focus, and want to acquire proven tools, strategies, and expert resources so that you can continue moving forward.
  • You are in the midst of your significant career move, have gotten stuck or stopped, and want to acquire proven tools, strategies and expert resources to help get you back on the right track.
  • You want to learn exactly how I transformed my career and successfully transitioned from Corporate CPA to Executive Coach, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner.

“I was able to determine the best path for my career, and uncover my God-given purpose. Within six months of our work together I grew my team, spoke at a national blogging conference and launched my first online coaching program.”

“Before working with Althea, I was ready to quit my corporate job of 11 years because I was dissatisfied and ready to start the journey of entrepreneurship. I knew I needed to change but I was unsure of and lacked clarity around my next steps. Beyond my uncertainty, I struggled with fear that held me back from change. While attending Althea’s Intensive, I learned so much! I was able to close in on my core values and strengths and tie them into my business. Althea has great insight. She is extremely knowledgeable in helping people uncover their purpose and help then create their ideal career. Althea’s encouragement, guidance and entrepreneurial insight has empowered me to be more confident in my skills and committed to my business.”

Toya Nicole
Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Brand Strategist

“I now feel more confident than ever that the future holds wonderful things. My vision for myself that I created while taking your course is coming to fruition!!! I took the paramedic licensing exam and passed, and just got a job as a paramedic for a private ambulance company!”

“First of all, I cannot believe how much has happened in a year, and I could not have accomplished all I did if I had not taken Althea’s course. I had begun my career change from working as an attorney a year before I got in touch with Althea. But, I felt that I had hit a wall. I had run out of hope and determination. I felt like quitting everything. But enrolling in Althea’s course was the best decision I could have made for myself! My new career is the complete fit for my personality and passions. I credit Althea in helping me find my perfect niche in my career life. Don’t go at it alone. Let Althea guide you on your journey to a truer, more fulfilling career.”

Jessica Butterfield
Licensed Paramedic



Module One: Make Your Career Transformation A Priority

  • How to find the time and energy to work on your career versus just working in your career
  • The exact amount of time you need to work on your career transformation in order to see real results
  • How to clarify your core values and why it’s critical to your success and transformation
  • How to distinguish between your career passions and hobbies
  • How to discover your innate gifts, talents and what you do best
  • How to uncover your God-given purpose

Module Two: Determine What You Want

  • How to dream big (again) about what is possible for your career and create your vision of success
  • How to analyze your extensive work experience, what to focus on and what not to focus on
  • How to determine the organizational culture, industry, clients and customers that are a best fit for you
  • How to determine the career or position where you’ll wake up energized and excited to go to work
  • The different paths to changing careers and how to determine which path is best for you
  • How to determine your ideal career path or position that brings together your strengths, expertise and career passions (e.g. work that matches with your DNA).

Module Three: Identify Your Strengths

  • The top methods to identifying your strengths, unique value and what you do best – FAST!
  • The common mistake that prevents high-performers from discovering their strengths and how to avoid it
  • How to communicate your unique value in a clear, confident and compelling manner
  • How to FINALLY answer the “what-do-you-do” question with confidence and clarity
  • The 3-step process to identify if your mindset is holding you back and why you need to be aware of this
  • A simple process to changing your limiting beliefs

Module Four: Set Clear Career Goals

  • The top four common goal-setting mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The simple 4-step process to setting realistic and doable career goals
  • How to set goals that stretch, challenge, excite and scare you – and why your goals need to
  • Why certain goals lead to frustration, disappointment, discouragement and burnout and others don’t
  • How to narrow your focus and prioritize your goals for maximum effectiveness
  • How to set measurable results for increased effectiveness, success and fulfillment

Module Five: Create Your Plan

  • How to break your number one career goal into smaller steps so your career transformation seems less frightening and overwhelming
  • 111 ways to transform your career so you can create a highly effective personalized plan
  • 7 key steps to creating your personalized transition blueprint
  • The exact number of action steps that should be included in your plan (and it’s less than you might expect!)
  • How to build your personal reward system into your plan and why you need it to be successful
  • How to set up adequate accountability to avoid procrastination and overwhelm

Module Six: Implement Your Plan

  • How to stay focused on your number one career goal
  • How to take consistent, inspired action forward past failures, setbacks and disappointments
  • How to stay connected to your vision of success and keep it alive daily
  • A simple tool to track and measure your daily actions and results
  • How to overcome feelings of fear, doubt and overwhelm
  • How to avoid the common mistake high-performing leaders and visionaries make when embarking on a significant career move

Module Seven: Celebrate Your Success

  • Why you need to celebrate your wins and successes along your journey
  • How to increase your self-awareness and deepen your personal growth
  • How to take a creative and spiritual approach to evaluate your progress and measure your effectiveness
  • How to shift you energy, lift your mood and attract more success – FAST!
  • Where faith and purpose fit into your career transformation and why it’s critical to your success
  • How to embrace your career transformation as an adventure and journey, and be okay when your ideas shift and plans change


  • Private Career Transformation System owners-only webpage
  • Seven 60-Minute Step-by-Step Training Audios
  • MP3 Downloads of each module so you can listen anywhere, even when you can’t be in front of your computer screen
  • Seven Workbooks (a total of 68-pages) chock full of worksheets, templates, scripts, handouts, resources, examples and checklists that will literally guide you through the work to get the results you want
  • Keep-it-forever access to all of the materials for your personal success library

This system will give you the tools, strategies and motivation you need to make a successful significant career move. All you need to do is order your system today and get ready for some serious results. Act boldly. Grab your copy now.


Alex Harvey“As a result of working with Althea, I achieved fulfillment and growth.  Finding a place in my work life where my work matched my DNA has led to a very fulfilling career.” 

“I needed to work at it but the effort has paid off. Fulfillment has also led to growth and created opportunities that would have been difficult to achieve.  My financial income has increased in the tens of thousands, my value income and career satisfaction income has increased immeasurably. It takes a true professional like Althea to truly understand all dimensions of balancing work and life while finding what is unique and special about what you do and how you do it. Althea is that person for me. She keeps me focused, on task and accountable for results in my career.”

Alex Harvey
Corporate Executive

“With Althea’s support and guidance, I launched my own business doing higher-level and more meaningful work that is aligned with my innate gifts and authentic self – as a result my income jumped by about $35,000.”

“Because of working with Althea, I was able to proceed toward the actual career and LIFE I want and dream of having for myself. I recommend Althea’s coaching! Althea gives you the tools and strategies to break out of your comfort zone and develop your own path. She helped me put a plan of action together. Plus, she helped me gain clarity on my goals, increase my motivation and decrease my stress.”

Sirobe Carstafhur
Architect and Urban Planner